create swagger docs from CFML (Railo) ReST components
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create swagger docs from CFML (Railo) ReST components

this is a Work in Progress - updating to Swagger 2.0

This app will scan for ReST CFCs in given path and will dynamically create a swagger doc for each resource found

Get Swagger UI


  • I put swagger-docs-cfm in subdirectory called 'docs' (within the swagger directory)
  • Create Rewrite rule - ^/swagger/docs/(.+)$ /swagger/docs/index.cfm?path=/$1
  • Set path to your ReST components in Application.cfc setupApp()
  • Set swagger['basePath'] in index.cfm. and other swagger["info"] properties
  • Launch Swagger UI, eg http://localhost/swagger
  • Enter docs URL eg http://localhost/swagger/docs
  • Hopefully you can browser and try for ReST API


I have just started messing around with swagger and knocked this a quickly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions

To do

  • Add Basic Authentication
  • config for baseURL and info properties