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Currently, webOS image build system is depended on Ubuntu. Linux users who usually use other distros, such as Fedora, Arch and so on could not build the image on their host for reasons, but one of them is the library dependencies. To provide the build system on any distros, dockerize it.




0. Clone the repository

$ git clone

$ cd dockerize-build-system

1. Make an image from Dockerfile

$ docker build --tag webos-base ubuntu-xenial/

It makes an image named webos-base by ubuntu-xenial/Dockerfile.

2. Make a container from the image

$ docker run -i -t --network host --name webos -v /path/to/mountpoint:/home/webos/mpoint webos-base /bin/bash

/path/to/mountpoint must be a path that point to an external storage which is 100GB and above.

If your distro causes an error of SELinux permission, add :Z flag in the end of -v like -v /path/to/mountpoint:/home/webos/mpoint:Z. That is usually required on the distros related to Red Hat Linux.

3. Get ready to build

~/mpoint is a mount point that /path/to/mountpoint must be mounted, but webos can do nothing since the point has been owned by root. Instead of it, run everything with sudo.

To clone build-webos,

$ sudo git clone

webos must be able to read/write files in the repository, chown it.

$ sudo chown -hR webos:webos build-webos

4. Go build

$ cd build-webos