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webOS OSE emulator README

webOS OSE emulator is a tool that enables you to test the features of webOS OSE on your PC.

webOS OSE emulator is an x86 (x86_64) virtualization system based on QEMU virtualizer. Currently, the emulator only supports Linux Ubuntu as a host operating system.

Source codes

Source codes for qemu binary and virglrendere lib are:

How to run the emulator

Use the run script (emulator) to launch webOS OSE emulator easily.

Portable environment

  • Run script requires a JSON configuration file (webos-config.json) to execute the emulator.
  • You should create a custom JSON configuration file.
  • To run the emulator using the custom configuration, type the command in the following form.
    • ./emulator <JSON configuration file path>

In Ubuntu 18.04

  • You need to launch the script with sudo command, because of KVM permission.
    • sudo ./emulator <JSON configuration file path>

JSON configuration file

The JSON configuration file (webos-config.json) includes emulator options.

Sample webos-config.json



  • description
    • Emulator description
  • name
    • The name of the guest
  • vmdk_file_path
    • The path to the guest image file in the local filesystem
    • It is recommended to use the absolute path.
    • The relative path is converted to an absolute path based on JSON configuration file path.
  • hw.core
    • Emulator CPU core count
    • Default is (Host CPU count)/2
  • hw.ramSize
    • Emulator RAM size (default unit is MB)
    • Available size units: M(MB), G(GB).
    • Minimum value is 1024(M/MB).
    • Examples
      • Use number only: 1024
      • Use with unit: 1024M
      • Use with full unit: 2GB
  • hw.accel
    • Enable host HW acceleration
    • Enable OpenGL ES acceleration
  • debug
    • Enable console debug
  • portforwarding.SSH
    • Port for SSH connection
    • Command example to connect from the shell
      • ssh -p <PortNumber> root@localhost
  • portforwarding.inspector
    • Port for Web Inspector
    • Address format to connect from the web browser
      • localhost:<PortNumber>


For full documentation of webOS OSE emulator and other developer tools, visit

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