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Prebuilt raspberry pi 3 image #1

cookiengineer opened this issue Mar 19, 2018 · 19 comments

Prebuilt raspberry pi 3 image #1

cookiengineer opened this issue Mar 19, 2018 · 19 comments


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@cookiengineer cookiengineer commented Mar 19, 2018

Hey guys,

first off: As a former webos dev during the palm pre and palm pre 2 days, I have to pay my respects. The new architecture looks amazing, and is really well thought-through. Enact, wayland, mojo, pretty much everything looks very good and is very well engineered.

Anyways, I wanted to ask whether there's a prebuilt image for Raspberries so that people can get started easier when they don't have 100GB available?

It also might make sense to have some prebuilt libraries available in different architectures, using a lazy-cache mechanism similar to ninja or others - so that e.g. chromium does not have to be built from scratch (assuming it takes a lot of space, memory and compile time; currently still digging through the tutorial).

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@chbae chbae commented Mar 19, 2018

Thanks for your suggestion.

Actually yocto provides shared state change ( for fast build. Unfortunately we don't provide the shared state cache yet. I will discuss your suggestion internally and reply soon.

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@Vipeax Vipeax commented Mar 19, 2018

@cookiengineer, if it helps you in any way for the time being: webos-image-raspberrypi3.rootfs.rpi-sdimg. It certainly toke a while for my laptop (fast Quad core with HT, fresh Ubuntu VM with 24GBs of RAM assigned and the disks split over 2 NVM-e disks) to build the entire project. I didn't check the time, but I would estimate the total build time to be around 3.5 hours.

(Pssst: "homeserver" so depending on your location the speed may or may not be great)

@chbae chbae self-assigned this Mar 19, 2018
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@chbae chbae commented Mar 20, 2018

@Vipeax Thanks for providing built image.
@cookiengineer We don't have plan to provide prebuilt libraries and you can build webOS OSE using your desktop and share your shared state in your local. Then your second build uses the your shared state cache.

@chbae chbae closed this Mar 20, 2018
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@chbae chbae commented Mar 20, 2018

Could you create new issue about Qt development guide?

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@CorentinDy CorentinDy commented Mar 23, 2018

Hey, thank's for the prebuilt image !

Did it run perfectly on your raspberry ? I've write it on my sd card and boot it up but i've only a nice wallpaper , my mouse and nothing else, any idea ?

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@futurejones futurejones commented Mar 23, 2018

Press F1 key on the keyboard, and you will see the Home Launcher UI popping up from the right side of the screen.
Note: Mac keyboards and mice don't seem to work.
Also there is a great forum at

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@CorentinDy CorentinDy commented Mar 23, 2018

Thank's so much , i'll try as soon as i can. I Feel dumb now ^^ And thx for the forum, didn't knew it existed

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@pushpendrak pushpendrak commented Mar 23, 2018

I tried with F1, menu popup, but clicking on items results nothing.🙄
We need better built image, which is possibly can be done by LG.

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@futurejones futurejones commented Mar 23, 2018

I have downloaded and tested that image on my Raspberry pi, everything seems to work as expected.
All menu items work.
Make sure you have a network connection and maybe try a different mouse.

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@ranjana-panwar ranjana-panwar commented Mar 27, 2018

@Vipeax : I have downloaded the image, and tested it to Raspberry pi, its working but in the menu bar, only webos and you tube is available other menu items are missing.

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@CorentinDy CorentinDy commented Mar 27, 2018

@ranjana-panwar As the webos is at an early stage, it might be missing some features which need to be more stable before a public release.

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@Vipeax Vipeax commented Mar 27, 2018

@ranjana-panwar what are you missing? This is how the repo was upon release. The browser was never actually included in the release if that is what you are missing.

@pushpendrak sounds like a compatability issue to me.

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@ranjana-panwar ranjana-panwar commented Mar 27, 2018

@Vipeax : actually the settings option is missing for me.

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@Vipeax Vipeax commented Mar 27, 2018

I'm afraid that I'll have to throw in a 'works on my machines' here.

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@ranjana-panwar ranjana-panwar commented Mar 29, 2018

@Vipeax : have a look on my screen
img20180329102240 1

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@symbios24 symbios24 commented Jul 11, 2018

Vipeax can you re upload the image link is not working


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@PrateekSB PrateekSB commented Sep 21, 2018

Image is unavailable now

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@FabioLolix FabioLolix commented Jan 3, 2019

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@mshaz mshaz commented May 19, 2019

how do u connect it to wifi? Cant find anything on screen.

@mshaz mshaz unassigned chbae May 19, 2019
flowergom added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 21, 2019
meta-webosose as of 2019-09-04 14:02:56 +0900

cb9054e0b0 enable FOTA by using ostree
32f5851561 webos:
b9a6021b31 webos-connman-adapter=3

Add meta-updater as of 2019-09-04 14:02:56 +0900

1c049cb Merge pull request #526 from advancedtelematic/refactor/thud/renaming-secondaries-etc
249254d sota.bbclass: Translate old prov recipe names into the new versions.
ecfd173 Remove executable access control bits from aktualizr recipe.
0b9caa6 Rename provisioning methods.
0754230 aktualizr: bump garage sign to version 0.7.0-3-gf5ba640.
b0ddbf7 OTA-2541: Switch to Aktualizr's version that supports IP Secondaries preconfig and its tests
dfcb966 OTA-2541: IP Secondary tests (oe-selftest)
6f222fe OTA-2541: Use local.conf's variables to configure Primary with Secondary(ies) and vice versa
70a6a5d OTA-2541: Use MPL-2.0 license for recipes-test's recipes
5bec7a0 OTA-2541: Add suffix '-sndry' to a default HW_ID for Secondary. Ability to define IP and Port in local.conf
6db7a38 OTA-2541: Remove Secondary's socket service. Use a regular systemd service to start Seconadry daemon
9fd66c9 OTA-2541: Static IP address on Primary's and Secondary's internal NIC
41159c3 OTA-2541: Network configuration on IP/Posix Secondary
0b8f4c6 aktualizr-polling-interval: new config fragment.
c097f87 sota.bbclass: move sota to DISTROOVERRIDES
e41ef37 OTA-2606: Renaming provisioning methods
6ab132e OTA-2606: Renaming provisioning methods
9725c55 Merge pull request #517 from advancedtelematic/test/thud/ptest-printing
fbc6d2b Fix bad ptest printing of failures
d864dcd Make aktualizr-ptest depend on python3-misc
eb92114 README: Add updater_qemux86_64_ptest to list of test targets.
4477352 More robust aktualizr-ptest printing of errors
438814d Merge pull request #513 from advancedtelematic/fix/thud/backport
180f7c7 selftest: retry aktualizr failure check due to resource constraints.
7d53657 aktualizr: Remove aktualizr-check-discovery dependency.
b12baa4 aktualizr: Bump to latest for recovery fixes.
0da18a2 selftest: Remove test_secondary_listening.
552c296 Bump aktualizr and garage tools
d26bd8f Use PARALLEL_MAKE when building aktualizr-ptest
3e6f5b5 Add openssl-bin as a aktualizr-ptest requirement
fca63ba Fix problem with lshw for aktualizr ptest
79383e9 Add oe-selftest for aktualizr ptest run on qemu
054e56f OTA-2418: Remove URL from automated garage-sign usage
bd5de22 Cleanup (not) provisioned checks in oe-selftest
68e1808 Solve qemu long rng initialization problem
d039401 Add resource control test
a3a642e Fix in oe-selftests/qemu_launch
be0725e Split oe-selftests by target machines
ef25c1a Document aktualizr-resource-control
9c2ee95 Add aktualizr-resource-control
830cb1e Set 'allarch' to aktualizr config recipes
5a6eb66 Save space in deployed aktualizr ptest
d3108d1 Document ptest for aktualizr
fdc57eb oe-selftest: look for expected error in stderr.
1e31e93 Patch valgrind for rpi runs
ea4976a Depend on python3-modules and curl for aktualizr-ptest
2e6f9fd Disable ptest for aktualizr by default
6182f34 Add working ptest suite for aktualizr
9855121 aktualizr: draft of enabling ptest
64c9325 Use 'printf' instead of 'echo -e'
d243aa8 fix a potential issue
c371002 aktualizr: use echo -e when using escape sequences
ef981e0 Document necessary integration of network connectivity
9e6a9a7 Replace connman with systemd-networkd on raspberrypi
da055c4 Define virtual/network-configuration
6e9c599 Replace connman with systemd-networkd on qemux86-64
6d3d6b5 Remove connman* from base IMAGE_INSTALL_append
b56a039 fit-conf: se PACKAGE_ARCH to ${MACHINE_ARCH}
ad2c593 Simplify garage-sign fetching for aktualizr
c091b50 Move warning about insecure practise to the correct recipe
2d2e468 Merge pull request #497 from advancedtelematic/backport/thud/auto-reboot-etc
d1e4c55 README: document auto-reboot config feature.
bcb6c5b remove test_add_package.
be0e6d2 Reformat default bblayers.
e8d2abe Switch to the aktualizr's master head
6843631 aktualizr-auto-prov-creds: remove API Gateway URL if it exists.
fbabfa9 image_types_ostree: Add a unique ref to fix simultaneous bitbaking.
ea02b35 OTA-2135: Aktualizr's config and recipe to auto reboot just after update
e9c373d Merge pull request #488 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/OTA-1436/thud-secondary-results
06b8dcf Bump aktualizr
ddb2dfa Merge pull request #479 from advancedtelematic/backport/thud/garage-sign-lock-etc
20095e8 Merge branch 'master' of into backport/thud/garage-sign-lock-etc
62e26ec Merge pull request #473 from liuming50/thud-aktualizr-pkgconfig
29c3476 Merge pull request #469 from liuming50/fix-wrong-operator
8c10b57 Merge pull request #470 from liuming50/aktualizr-pkgconfig
be03a70 aktualizr: split binaries to their own packages
508c311 aktualizr: introduce PACKAGECONFIG
1bc572c aktualizr: drop duplicated file from FILES_${PN}
7ec1ffc aktualizr: split binaries to their own packages
3217e92 aktualizr: introduce PACKAGECONFIG
6f086f7 aktualizr: drop duplicated file from FILES_${PN}
3cb25f3 Merge pull request #474 from advancedtelematic/feat/fit-dtbo
bf827e6 Merge pull request #467 from agners/use-reproducible-builds
495f5db Add support for device tree overlays in FIT images
395080b Merge pull request #465 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud-latest-aktualizr
168efb3 sota.bbclass: fix a variable assignment regression
3d3a0bf sota.conf: use reproducible builds by default
6073016 Fix oe-selftest for `aktualizr once`
386db56 aktualizr: bump to latest 1cad6d10286ade64b24021ca0e23de0d3b64f520
b1db05a Merge pull request #462 from advancedtelematic/feat/latest-aktualizr
5289336 Fix oe-selftest for `aktualizr once`
73e50d7 aktualizr: bump to latest 1cad6d10286ade64b24021ca0e23de0d3b64f520
826b15d Merge pull request #459 from ricardosalveti/hsm
5ac4622 libp11: bump to git 57ca68f for EC signing support
90402a6 softhsm: bump to 2.5.0
f4e46ff Merge pull request #456 from liuming50/master
d49ae82 meta: drop True option to getVar calls
2782c5c image_types_ota.bbclass: fix a typo
c6cbeda Merge pull request #454 from LukaPivk/fix-checksum
6cc3ab1 classes/image_types_ostree.bbclass: fix checksum calculation
ab0ddf0 Merge pull request #453 from advancedtelematic/fix/rm-sc-hsm-embedded
94d0516 sc-hsm-embedded: removed as it was never actually used.
967ac2b Merge pull request #447 from advancedtelematic/ci/ota-1810
9a5cdcb Merge pull request #451 from advancedtelematic/fix/OTA-1866/simultaneous-garage-sign
8fc8152 Merge pull request #448 from ricardosalveti/master
03ed45d image_garagesign: Use a lock to fix concurrency problems.
1552d64 ostree: upgrade to v2018.9
6cfb8d4 Configure oe-selftests to run on specific node label
cb8aec9 Merge pull request #437 from LukaPivk/master
4f267b8 classes/image_types_ostree.bbclass: add device tree to boot/devicetree-*
a55aa6f Merge pull request #425 from advancedtelematic/feat/dco
b33fc52 Add the requirement to sign a DCO
04892ec Merge pull request #443 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud/hardware-id-etc
124643b Merge pull request #442 from advancedtelematic/feat/latest-aktualizr
160109e aktualizr: Bump to latest (d00d1a04cc2366d1a5f143b84b9f507f8bd32c44).
665e486 Merge branch 'master' into feat/thud/hardware-id-etc
0b2db43 Merge pull request #440 from agners/mandate-usr-move
bf5b952 aktualizr: Bump to latest (d00d1a04cc2366d1a5f143b84b9f507f8bd32c44).
0dd9c75 Merge pull request #441 from advancedtelematic/fix/more-curly-braces
d55d2df aktualizr and image_types_ota: more curly braces.
2b5d611 image_types_ostree: drop manual usrmove implementation
9d6cf73 image_types_ostree: make usrmerge mandatory
8f08a3b sota.conf: use usrmerge
2e1eb5b Merge pull request #439 from agners/fix-ostree-lockfiles
d13ec58 image_types_ostree: use OSTree repo location for lockfiles
73e1540 Merge pull request #438 from advancedtelematic/fixgb
a5cf267 Fix bloated OTA image
893dac8 Merge pull request #436 from advancedtelematic/fix/rpi-image-type
13d9d0a Merge pull request #430 from liuming50/master
de6008d oe-selftest: rpi-basic-image is deprecated. Use core-image-minimal.
53bcdb2 image_types_ota.bbclass: move a dependency in
e97975d image_types_ostree/ota.bbclass: refactor ostree task
f4cf069 meta: drop redundant export syntax
4eaec14 image_types_ostree.bbclass: fix some dependencies issues
c72d828 meta: replace bberror with bbfatal
bc678ac Merge pull request #435 from advancedtelematic/feat/hardware_id
4669df7 aktualizr: fix hardware ID config section.
2cd3c64 README: slightly more descriptive explanation of SOTA_HARDWARE_ID.
01700ac Allow setup custom hardware_id
9b2d4eb Merge pull request #434 from agners/fedora-oe-selftest-fixes
3fe92dd selftest: introduce QEMU_USE_KVM
616cbf7 Merge pull request #433 from advancedtelematic/doc/oe-selftest-and-rm-example
433b40e docs: better explanation of oe-selftest requirements.
f799da5 Merge pull request #432 from advancedtelematic/fix/typography
e0f2275 aktualizr: Bump to latest and fix names.
e5b7123 Merge pull request #427 from advancedtelematic/fix/thud/newline-etc
8c72fd4 Merge pull request #431 from albard00/master
820e5bc aktualizr: use config instead of environment variables.
ac1392b aktualizr: improve secondary config directory logic.
feb3f35 aktualizr: Fix virtual secondary support.
1ea2849 Merge pull request #426 from advancedtelematic/fix/master/newline-etc
1063b5a aktualizr: use config instead of environment variables.
2a54471 aktualizr: improve secondary config directory logic.
e156344 Fix function name conflict
f05f7e5 aktualizr: Fix virtual secondary support.
ecefbd8 aktualizr: bump to latest for server URL newline fix.
8ddedf6 Replace more references to ATS Garage with HERE OTA Connect.
dbbebf1 Update README.adoc
94b473a aktualizr: bump to latest for server URL newline fix.
24c144d Merge pull request #423 from advancedtelematic/RemoveATSgarage
b391dfa Replace more references to ATS Garage with HERE OTA Connect.
86b1091 Update README.adoc
cb0fcbf Merge pull request #424 from advancedtelematic/feat/add-thud-to-readme
567cb7e Added 'thud' to list of supported releases
c684c34 Merge pull request #421 from agners/master-toradex
7dfa63e classes: image_types_ostree: use locking during OSTree repo update
f2cf964 classes: image_types_ostree: check OSTree repo existence using ostree
b7cb6f3 Merge pull request #418 from advancedtelematic/fix/master/secondary-image-cred-packages
a5bc44f secondary_image: also remove aktualizr-uboot-env-rollback.
99cbb53 Update packages removed for secondary-image.
59cebd8 Merge pull request #417 from advancedtelematic/feat/OTA-627/master/targetversion-forwardport
e9c39a0 Fix typos.
c188240 Fix typos/language
6c3f756 Document version overriding and add warnings
824e5a7 Provide example for setting UPTANE target version automatically
0efe382 Merge pull request #413 from advancedtelematic/refactor/master/rm-implicit-writer
bfb6fa0 aktualizr: Remove implicit_writer. It is now unused.
b4754d3 Merge pull request #411 from advancedtelematic/fix/secondaries-path
fd344a4 Remove aktualizr hacks related to ubuntu support
58dcb08 Update aktualizr example secondary config path
d2ca4d8 Merge pull request #410 from agners/use-imgdeploydir
ce96109 Merge pull request #407 from LukaPivk/master
2af450b Added support to automatically update ostree summary
441c652 Added support to set custom commit subject and body
f07be18 image_types_ota: use IMGDEPLOYDIR for ota-ext4 images
c858bd0 image_types_ota: use IMGDEPLOYDIR for ota-tar images
fcaebee Merge pull request #408 from agners/simplify-ota-class
412cfd9 image_types_ota: simplify image creation
227bd6d image_types_ota: remove explicit IMAGE_FSTYPES check
7e43d48 Merge pull request #399 from advancedtelematic/refactor/remove-legacy-secondaries
a880e39 Merge pull request #404 from advancedtelematic/doc/add-rebase-requirement
1d6a4a0 Merge pull request #405 from advancedtelematic/doc/readme-format
bcae38e Fix README formatting.
f855696 Merge pull request #403 from agners/drop-libgsystem
771bb67 CONTRIBUTING.adoc: Add rebasing requirement.
ba1181e libgsystem: drop recipe
835b1ba ostree: drop libgsystem dependency
6f04776 aktualizr: remove BUILD_ISTOP flag.
2f2add8 aktualizr: remove example-interface.
751e8b6 Merge pull request #401 from advancedtelematic/checklist
4c28144 Add contributor/reviewer checklist
a72ee00 Merge pull request #400 from advancedtelematic/fix/rm-bbappend-upstreamed
f753819 openct: remove unnecessary bbappend.
542e681 Merge pull request #398 from advancedtelematic/feat/thud-compatibility
350599a Update layer compatibility to thud.
8a44c8a aktualizr: bump to latest.
a9d43a8 Merge pull request #383 from advancedtelematic/feat/OTA-719/nodeploy
e689954 Fixes for oe-selftest
80d2589 Document delayed provisioning
9b8a6dd Fix creating SoftHSM token
673a4b9 Add SOTA_DEPLOY_CREDENTIALS variable to control whether the built image should be provisioned
9476fa5 Merge pull request #392 from advancedtelematic/feature/rollback-forwardport
5129c97 Fix LICENSE check for aktualizr-uboot-env-rollback
8a7caf3 Remove aktualizr dep on u-boot-fw-utils in general
c035200 Add support for rollback on Raspberry Pi
ae02ae9 Merge pull request #390 from advancedtelematic/fix/new-installed-versions-import
b62aa4c Do not run aktualizr-info --allow-migrate in tests
d0024de Update `installed_versions` passing to new location
d19a743 Merge pull request #391 from advancedtelematic/fix/testtoken-openssl-bin
bfb8c8f aktualizr: Latest version with fixed libp11 paths.
aa12418 openct: Remove broken and apparently unnecessary pkg_postinst.
0117533 softhsm-testtoken: add openssl-bin dependency.
6257c2a Merge pull request #387 from advancedtelematic/refactor/OTA-900/hsm-prov-path-master
376c960 Merge pull request #385 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/OTA-852/pushcredentials
d85e759 Merge pull request #386 from advancedtelematic/fix/libp11-openssl1.1
50ea192 libp11: Bump to release 0.4.9.
3ca533c softhsm-testtoken: Update paths for token import.
3e86310 libp11: Fix paths after switch to openssl 1.1.
e038765 Don't commit credentials to OSTree repository
b252a30 Merge pull request #384 from advancedtelematic/ci/oe-selftest
12ee01d Split yocto builds from yocto selftests
1b3616e Create a user with correct uid inside CI's Dockerfile
7023fdd Setup garage credentials for oe-selftest CI
0d3b28d Install ovmf in ci Dockerfile
fa63469 Run oe-selftest on Jenkins CI
d3e2c58 Merge pull request #381 from advancedtelematic/fix/OTA-638/rpi-master
236b8ff Update fitimage initramfs image name
77cf9a3 Merge pull request #379 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/aktualizr-etc-master
754903a aktualizr: bump to latest (062ab7756c375ee2c913d3197cafe4ee2f97ef2a).
34716bc aktualizr: bump to latest version (fad299b846b9c1b58a9c1f715f4c26c69610d02c).
f9e1567 libp11: Bump the version number for the openssl compatibility again.
f12efe1 Merge pull request #376 from strataggem/master
b165bc5 Fix version number in ldflags.patch
679a335 Update lshw to 02.17
ae82692 Merge pull request #373 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/bison-dep-v2
552f189 ostree: Correction: it depends on bison-native for configuration.
a5044c4 Merge pull request #372 from advancedtelematic/fix/cpu-type
cab4b16 Merge pull request #371 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/bison-dep
bde6017 Specify cpu type -host- for KVM mode
f793b77 ostree: add missing bison dependency.
897be2e Merge pull request #368 from advancedtelematic/fit-initramfs-support
7d657d0 Add back dependency on INITRAMFS_IMAGE:do_image_complete
9927446 classes: image_types_ostree: Fix copying standalone initramfs
212d71d ostree-initrd: Make it an initramfs, not initrd
625c3a3 classes: image_types_ostree: A hack to allow initramfs in FIT
9dcfcdb classes, images: Use standard variables for initramfs
c490239 Merge pull request #367 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/unknown-signatures-master
801d46d Merge pull request #370 from rsalveti/ostree-update
7552803 ostree: upgrade to v2018.7+
fd2c209 aktualizr: bump to latest for key rotation and storage updates.
661f27f Merge pull request #352 from bclouser/master
85c02be Merge pull request #365 from advancedtelematic/fix/hsm-prov-on-master
ad4bc33 Bump Aktualizr revision to fix HSM bug
7de1a0b Merge pull request #362 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-Tech-#1-master
62eb95a aktualizr: bump to latest and accommodate hmi_stub.
fac4aec Merge pull request #361 from advancedtelematic/doc/secondary-network-master
8983cd2 Document SOTA_CLIENT_FEATURES = "secondary-network".
b9f5eed Merge pull request #351 from advancedtelematic/feat/better-dependencies
90d7ec2 Merge pull request #358 from advancedtelematic/feat/bump-aktualizr-pro-h#3-master
e1956a2 aktualizr: retry garage-sign version check and handle errors better.
118effc aktualizr: bump to latest for PRO-H#3 sprint.
fef9822 Add support for building ota-tar.xz, and fixes from review comments
0ca9757 Merge pull request #355 from advancedtelematic/feat/bump-aktualizr-master
3d6bed7 aktualizr: bump to latest (72abac76184c84b9a5beb0dfbb103a13b9bfb2ae).
8283b7a aktualizr tools: use generic MPL license instead of our own copy.
a076867 softhsm-testtoken: fix complaint about generic license location.
d26097a remove redundant file check.
e83cbe7 CONTRIBUTING.adoc: Move pyro to the backburner.
e0c11a5 aktualizr: Get latest for PRO-H#2 sprint.
850801c Adding support for creating an otaimg.tar file in addition to the ext4 image
a9e7ea3 Fix cases with no meaningful dependencies.
820466c Run once per recipe.
8109f0a rename from
4302f52 Hide some i586-specific virtual packages.
d7c9805 Do not write anything if recipe is not found.
ce151d0 Substantial rewrite based on OSS team feedback.
cd97b4c Merge pull request #338 from rsalveti/ostree-image
b08439c Merge pull request #348 from advancedtelematic/ci/dockerize
ea7cf6a Remove python3-requests from Dockerfile.bitbake
9107684 input package names to search.
e27183c Rename Jenkinsfile to Jenkinsfile.bleeding
9278ad8 Small doc about setting up Jenkins for meta-updater
a3c960d Add caching to CI bitbaking
d25358c Use plain bash instead of hacky sed for CI config files
991c275 Try to bitbake on CI inside docker
7dc8262 Refactor some of the Jenkins pipeline stuff
81bdec7 Merge pull request #346 from advancedtelematic/test/running-mode
4f2bb16 Bump Aktualizr version
730f2b0 Test --running-mode=once
56c58c6 Merge pull request #339 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/staging_dir_host_master
cf23391 Add hack to clean recipes before building.
343b228 Fix longstanding typo.
6292100 CONTRIBUTING.adoc: clarify which branches have what status.
9579f0c aktualizr-*-prov: read config files from STAGING_DIR_HOST.
f88aa91 sota.bbclass: remove obsolete/incorrect comment.
52d7719 aktualizr-auto-prov: Remove redundant '.toml'.
2ca1b16 Merge pull request #344 from advancedtelematic/test/ci-jenkins
8d021e1 Try to checkout aktualizr from pipeline
855b031 Bitbake build from Jenkins
55e49cd Checkout of repo from Jenkins
46a3601 Merge pull request #341 from advancedtelematic/fix/tests
78422f6 Compatibility with latest aktualizr
7cc01d7 Merge pull request #337 from rsalveti/garage
be03a38 Merge pull request #336 from rsalveti/ostree
54f9b8e image_types_ostree: no need to create boot/loader folders when creating ostree repo
9e73dbe garage-push: enable verbose logging by default
b7da9e5 ostree: improve package split logic and define extra packages
ca9c09e ostree: improve systemd dependency checks
7764530 ostree: cleanup depends and rdepends
9f30ec0 ostree: no need to disable systemd when building native
9b709a0 ostree: cleanup configure and build flags
7201fc5 ostree: use do_configure_prepend and avoid customizing do_compile
58953e7 ostree: fix license and add homepage description
e7f7a1d ostree: cosmetics: fix indentation
642559c Bugfix: strip whitespace and newlines from tuf URL in
1a196b3 Merge pull request #329 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/implicit-and-certs-master
34f641c Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/rocko' into bugfix/implicit-and-certs-master
f00803e aktualizr: Upgrade to use simplified implicit_writer config.
deb1b7c aktualizr_*.bb: Minor formatting and fixes.
4c4f51f Merge pull request #324 from advancedtelematic/feat/aktualizr-repo
cc091e9 Bump PR to flush old sstate caches that were built in-tree
4b97ad0 Get ready for aktualizr-repo tool
be14d46 ca-certificates: Remove upstreamed patch.
30bd9a9 Merge pull request #326 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/oe-selftest-master
e4949bb Fix test broken by man/man-db upgrade.
ce1614d Merge pull request #325 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/check-assume-provided
46505e1 Ignore packages in ASSUME_PROVIDED.
6b63dd4 Merge pull request #321 from advancedtelematic/feat/find_packages
c3c4896 Fix python style issues.
87d769f Add explanatory comment about list appending.
6fef541 Fix repo name parsing logic.
39665ee Get full path for patches and other local files.
79f5e6a Check for a few unlisted aktualizr dependencies.
eae0566 Catch empty info and return early.
c3d3a0d Initial version.
b799d9c Merge pull request #322 from advancedtelematic/rocko-to-master-2018-05-28
4bcd050 Merge pull request #319 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/ostree-autotools-brokensep
260abbc Merge pull request #317 from advancedtelematic/fix/u-boot-multilib-issue
a1fbc69 ostree: Don't use autotools-brokensep.
cf36fad Include fix for qemu in sota_qemux86-64.bbclass
52e20c8 Merge pull request #315 from advancedtelematic/sumo-candidate
05b971d Merge remote-tracking branch 'ats/rocko' into sumo-candidate
164e73c Merge pull request #316 from advancedtelematic/fix/rm-minnowboard-uboot
10f1c77 Remove support for u-boot on minnowboard
5f803eb Merge pull request #313 from advancedtelematic/fix/qa-shipped-files
94ac0d0 Merge pull request #314 from advancedtelematic/feat/bump-embed-sql
d073dd4 Remove aktualizr-common because schemas are embedded
e827d33 Review shipped directories in aktualizr recipes
b736d4a Merge pull request #312 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/log-debug-first
d67f28b Move log-debug from 90 to 05.
a694dc7 Merge pull request #311 from advancedtelematic/fix/PRO-5376/backport-master-fixes
7e6ffbc Fix boot on qemux86-64
6cc9281 aktualizr_git: remove duplicate installs
bbbf1fa Check for custom target version for installed_versions
2d17b56 ostree: remove python from rdepends
324fa1a sdimage-sota.wks: remove label as it gets set by image_types_ota
c7076bf image_types_ota: make default grub.cfg a link to loader/grub.cfg
6ce668b ostree: fix systemd service files permission
3af1b32 sota: introduce INITRAMFS_FSTYPES
b11ddfb image_types_ostree.bbclass: change the systemd detecting logic
41c2df7 Merge pull request #296 from advancedtelematic/feat/backport-from-master
a2cdaee image_types_ostree.bbclass: clean up GARAGE_SIGN_REPO after push
9ef1f5b Add support for custom garage target version and url
28f18be aktualizr: include default configs as part of host-tools
2bb7731 sota.bbclass: use common rpi override for raspberrypi
5d478c9 image_types_ostree.bbclass: do not inherit image
1198bf3 image_types_ota.bbclass: do not inherit image
1a78a5e Merge pull request #310 from advancedtelematic/feat/aktualizr-bump
6ca6d8e Bump Aktualizr version to get P11 fixes
44e851b Merge pull request #309 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/install-file-dont-echo
9c61043 Put extra configs in their own files.
396f12c Merge pull request #308 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-5380/libp11-openssl-again
fe16efa Update patch to fix openssl-1.0.o.
1097975 Merge pull request #307 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/bump-aktualizr
a8c4f54 Bump aktualizr. Don't build load tests.
98b1cb7 Give some more time for checking for successful provisioning.
8c71253 Merge pull request #304 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-5331/remove-sota-env
f4e5322 Test aktualizr-example-interface package (PRO-5336).
f01b2b0 Update aktualizr config to use default locations.
0c40c88 Update README with aktualizr config management (PRO-5329).
af5e0c4 Create aktualizr-log-debug recipe as an example (and debugging aid).
3f4856c Provide recipe to disable sending ip (PRO-5297).
1f3231c Move example-interface from sota.env to its own recipe.
c04e7bd Add sqlite3 to aktualizr dependencies.
e246bdc Merge pull request #305 from advancedtelematic/fix/var-sota-perms
8e77dc5 Add missing delay in loop.
3a012ec Fix permissions of /var/sota in image_types_ota
0d154d7 Merge pull request #302 from advancedtelematic/feat/pro-5211-rocko
b7cc58b Merge pull request #300 from rsalveti/installed_versions
95253b7 Bump Aktualizr to get PRO-5211 Report network info
a8449cd Check for custom target version for installed_versions
4e9ca8c Merge pull request #298 from rsalveti/sumo
fcc2903 Merge pull request #299 from rsalveti/python
569e04e ostree: remove python from rdepends
24cdee9 layer.conf: add LAYERSERIES_COMPAT markup
a931fb6 Merge pull request #297 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/decode
6728593 Decode bytes.
8182acc Merge pull request #291 from advancedtelematic/feat/garage-sign-auto-version
609337b Merge pull request #289 from advancedtelematic/docs/reorg-and-toc
e109b8c If GARAGE_SIGN_VERSION is not provided, ask the server for a version.
dc80960 Pass requested garage-sign version to aktualizr.
8ba7dae Merge pull request #287 from rsalveti/extras
4317f6f Merge pull request #292 from rsalveti/garage-tag
1c48a48 Add support for custom garage target version and url
192aa31 Merge pull request #290 from advancedtelematic/fix/linux-new-kernel
ca55e52 Stop forcing Linux 4.4 on qemux86-64
c2d1d2a Merge pull request #286 from rsalveti/repo_rm
62199c7 Merge pull request #285 from rsalveti/sota_rpi
be74b1e Move dev settings to main README. Add table of contents.
cb88be0 aktualizr: include default configs as part of host-tools
bf37d29 Merge pull request #284 from rsalveti/rocko-merge
1fe83c8 image_types_ostree.bbclass: clean up GARAGE_SIGN_REPO after push
015e226 sota.bbclass: use common rpi override for raspberrypi
82a9c20 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rocko' into rocko-merge
b1a114d Merge pull request #283 from advancedtelematic/refactor/cleanup
71c528a Assorted minor cleanup and formatting.
bca6c0b Merge pull request #281 from advancedtelematic/fix/bump-aktualizr
9746f46 Bump aktualizr
b33939b Merge pull request #280 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/aktualizr-check-discovery
fb74d00 Add aktualizr-check-discovery to shipped files
9860cfc Merge pull request #279 from advancedtelematic/feat/secondary
edae332 Restrict secondary network to localhost
de2b0f0 Add SOTA client feature to enable secondary network
7ce6503 Merge pull request #278 from advancedtelematic/feat/udp-socket-activation
313278d Bump aktualizr version to get socket activation fixes
5c3f802 Change port number to match default used elsewhere
1804d9f UDP Socket activation for discovery service
156074d Merge pull request #277 from advancedtelematic/feat/pro-5060-run-qemu-ota
046ac43 Fix up tests
fc8f9b4 Add a --secondary-network option to run-qemu-ota
c3c8d56 Merge pull request #276 from advancedtelematic/feat/pro-5060/meta-updater
66a4721 Add systemd socket activation for secondary
bbce180 Add secondary-image to meta-updater
2619e3f Merge pull request #274 from rsalveti/wks
86636ec Merge pull request #272 from rsalveti/grub
ae156b8 sdimage-sota.wks: remove label as it gets set by image_types_ota
f1fd04a Merge pull request #268 from advancedtelematic/test/better-oe-selftest
11d0cd2 Merge pull request #262 from advancedtelematic/feat/fitimage-rpi
5ce293d image_types_ota: make default grub.cfg a link to loader/grub.cfg
621287e Merge pull request #271 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/fix-image-size-rocko
3d77f5a Fix calculate_size in case $SIZE < $MIN
81b2fa6 Add a basic raspberry pi test.
97ea268 Mention SOTA_PACKED_CREDENTIALS in oe-selftest section of docs.
0fb122d Add qemu layer for qemu tests if not present.
c0d6f4c oe-selftest improvements.
91ad494 Merge pull request #267 from advancedtelematic/test/PRO-4481/hsm-rocko
7af1246 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ats/pyro' into test/PRO-4481/hsm-rocko
4b4fb87 Merge pull request #261 from advancedtelematic/test/PRO-4853/impl-prov-selftest
5b298ba Merge pull request #266 from advancedtelematic/fix/rm-jansson-dep
c9c5418 Remove aktualizr's jansson dependencies
0f55df2 Fix typo in oe-selftest
372b3f7 Less redundant bitbaking in oe-selftest
5c70505 Factorize aktualizr native helper in oe-selftest
235826d Test implicit provisioning with oe-selftest
f23a9c1 Merge pull request #259 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4854/ca
793f7c8 Add provisioning with CA
4edf70f Merge pull request #265 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4936/repoclose-rocko
c917421 Merge pull request #264 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4936/repoclose
ec13b95 Pull new aktualizr with fixed fd leak
1341019 Pull new aktualizr with fixed fd leak
578981f Merge pull request #263 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/fix-libp11-openssl-again
48d6d6f Update documentation and fix broken link.
321509a Update patch to work with OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER 0x100020ef.
6d2e9d3 Merge pull request #260 from advancedtelematic/test/PRO-4481/hsm
38de2f4 Use FIT image on RPi
2023bfb Fix minor logging issue.
fc84de7 Refactor oe selftests
b9922d6 Bump aktualizr to fix a CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE bug.
e77c7c7 Replace write_config with append_config.
5c14164 oe-selftest standardization and general improvement.
eb173b6 Better oe-selftest documentation.
c6690b9 Rename run_command to qemu_command.
1f5d449 Use some regex to get a little fancier.
586394d Test provisioning with HSM.
9e4918c Add test_cert_provider_local_output.
7bcbb80 Test that implicit_writer and cert_provider work.
9a404b4 Only expect credentials in the image if using autoprov.
1f6b311 Merge pull request #258 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/p11-fixes
89fc3e0 Merge pull request #257 from advancedtelematic/test/oe-selftest-backport
59b9fa9 Merge pull request #254 from rsalveti/initramfs
a9d8688 No longer require engine-pkcs11.
2dbeaf3 Fix minor ovmf compilation bug only present in pyro.
3a4bdbc Add tests for aktualizr-info.
c2e9fcc Add a helpful hint for the oe-selftest grub problem.
9f2bbe9 Fix flag deprecation warning.
87d1414 Bump aktualizr and fix some installation complaints.
71863b9 Merge pull request #256 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/fix-installation
e31637b Bump aktualizr and fix some installation complaints.
b6bec0a Merge pull request #255 from rsalveti/systemd
b15a303 ostree: fix systemd service files permission
ef9513d Merge pull request #253 from rsalveti/grub
b9ee096 Merge pull request #252 from rsalveti/master
a4e76ce grub-efi: remove bbappend as change is now provided by oe-core
aa57530 Merge branch 'rocko'
8bbf6da Remove manual installation of /usr/lib/sota/schemas
e9886a3 Merge pull request #251 from advancedtelematic/feat/copy-schemas-in-cmake
380fcb1 Remove manual installation of /usr/lib/sota/schemas
5117311 Merge pull request #248 from advancedtelematic/feat/mergerocko
b4ce615 Merge pull request #250 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rocko-update-ostree
2d3e453 Add SRCREV_pn-aktualizr to documentation.
47875d9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ats/pyro' into bugfix/rocko-update-ostree
366af5d Merge pull request #249 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4797/ostree-ca-cert
90863a0 Latest aktualizr with ostree ca cert fix.
d8b8d2e Merge pull request #247 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/garage-sign-106
2964973 Merge branch 'rocko'
1fd8b18 Latest aktualizr/garage-sign.
e408922 Merge pull request #244 from advancedtelematic/feat/pyromerge
5e6b1e8 Merge pull request #245 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rm-sota-toml
5f033dd Minor changes to keep hsm and implicit recipes consistent.
4d1b5ee Delete redundant sota.toml in aktualizr recipe.
eb790f9 Merge branch 'pyro' into rocko
b68b4ff Merge pull request #237 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRJ-330/hsm-not-test
f903f75 Merge pull request #241 from advancedtelematic/aktualizr-asn1c
777fade Merge pull request #243 from advancedtelematic/test/aktualizr-info
bb25b45 Rename all instances of hsm-test and use latest aktualizr.
c64b399 Add tests for aktualizr-info
0146684 Merge pull request #236 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4730/firstversion
74283ba Merge pull request #242 from advancedtelematic/feat/merge-sqlite
942abd2 Merge pull request #228 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4630/sqlite
e6927ff Merge remote-tracking branch 'ats/feat/PRO-4630/sqlite' into rocko
79497c9 Patch asn1c skeletons file discovery
45bd8d6 Add asn1c dependency for aktualizr
9d3acee Merge pull request #240 from leon-anavi/PRO-4727
d57d34b Merge pull request #238 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRJ-330/hsm-not-test-rocko
400f69f Merge pull request #239 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/ostree-bump
62b32e9 Drop rvi-sota-client and remove meta-rust dependency
fbfdf91 Add PR = "1" to ostree to fix annoying caching problem.
310957f Merge pull request #229 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4677/startupsh
4b73645 Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/feat/PRJ-330/hsm-not-test' into feat/PRJ-330/hsm-not-test-rocko
19883e9 Rename all instances of hsm-test and use latest aktualizr.
9e6d437 Deploy initial primary version information
99e49cc Merge pull request #235 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rockop11
fe51930 Add EVP_PKEY_meth_get* replacement functions to use with OpenSSL 1.0.2m as well
31d6502 Merge pull request #234 from advancedtelematic/doc/PRO-4337/build-problems
b605cf2 Add a brief doc section for common build problems.
2575b7e Merge pull request #232 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4685/ubootversion
fd82d80 Merge pull request #233 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4252/rocko-selftest-fixes
5997170 Merge pull request #226 from leon-anavi/PRJ-317
44a4dd8 More general exception handler for `kvm-ok`
84baa1c Fix some basic oe-selftest errors.
de0d91f Merge pull request #231 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4645-update-ostree-httpd-info
1f78561 Bump aktualizr version to get misconfigured ecu fix.
0f064ae Merge pull request #230 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/update-rocko
b5b2458 Add PR = "1" to ostree to fix annoying caching problem.
20b8d55 oe-selftest fixes for rocko.
10ae409 PRO-4645 Update OSTree httpd instructions
3975d40 Use u-boot version with patches for newer QEMU
e5228ae Merge branch 'pyro' into bugfix/update-rocko
0ccd10c Deploy startup.nsh before composing flashable image
28d1c1c Get the newest aktualizr using sqlstorage
0afff0c Merge pull request #227 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4670/bumpostree
13a294b Bump OSTree version
1be5145 sota_raspberrypi.bbclass: Enable U-Boot for Raspberry Pi
b0ee1c3 Merge pull request #225 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/garagesign84
ca45d17 Merge pull request #224 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/tufreponame
07a7774 Bump aktualizr version to get fixed garage-sign
623c51d Merge pull request #221 from leon-anavi/PRJ-315
c1872be Fix --repo parameter for garage-sign
5adf140 Merge pull request #217 from advancedtelematic/feat/isotpsec
4b13457 sota_raspberrypi.bbclass: Remove sdimg-rpi
5667880 Support for BUILD_ISOTP cmake variable
537de14 Add support of ISO/TP legacy secondaries and serial CAN
2f5b892 Merge pull request #222 from advancedtelematic/feat/nolibsoup
eed239d Delete dependency on libsoup
5764d3f sota_raspberrypi*.inc: Included meta-python
d912df6 Merge pull request #219 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4630/implicit-writer-server-pem
1682037 Bump aktualizr to get open source server CA fix.
e2e19e2 Merge pull request #218 from advancedtelematic/doc/dont-mess-ostree-branchname
aca234a Remove OSTREE_BRANCHNAME mention in README
9143580 Merge pull request #213 from advancedtelematic/doc/PRO-4532/secondaries-etc
4251cdf Merge pull request #214 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4491/explicit-license
1619049 Merge pull request #216 from leon-anavi/rocko
af9c732 sota_qemux86-64.bbclass: Use u-boot-ota
4483e6b Merge pull request #212 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRJ-286/spekulatius
6630a83 Fixes for Spekulatius
1e3db15 Add MIT license to recipe metadata
037d091 Update documentation, specifically about variables to support secondaries.
ff2e2c1 Port fix for non-repo use-case from pyro
057fe7e Merge pull request #209 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/garage-sign-0.2.0-57
327acad Merge pull request #204 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/example-interface
bf35f62 Merge pull request #211 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/implicit-without-creds
a2662b5 Don't run implicit_writer if SOTA_PACKED_CREDENTIALS is not set.
3401d34 Merge pull request #210 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/no-creds-expansion
1838969 Fix variable expansion problem when SOTA_PACKED_CREDENTIALS is not set.
cbad4a9 Bump to latest garage-sign.
36c032b Only install example-interface if explicitly asked for.
599c048 Properly install example-interface on target and remove it on host.
904bc29 Merge pull request #208 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4524/credentials
d64e6f3 Rerun provisioning recipes when credentials have changed
dbeb10e Merge pull request #205 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/indent
76c065b Consistent indents.
410bff5 Merge pull request #200 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/cleanup
3219d1a Merge pull request #203 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4439/ostreebranchname
c99f5e7 Minor fixes and cleanup.
9ba47ed Deploy OSTree image without a branch name
9dcadfe Merge pull request #202 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/install-var-sota
061ac69 Install /var/sota.
f0c5af0 Merge pull request #201 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/garagesign-0.2.0-48
e8fac2d Bump garage-sign
3b1d177 Merge pull request #199 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/usrlibsota
9948edf Always create /usr/lib/sota in autoprov recipe
b238c27 Merge pull request #196 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3751/legacyinterface
9247169 Merge pull request #198 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/garage-version
c7cc719 Fix garage-sign targets add.
2475cbb Fix erroneous do_install_append that should just be do_install.
1ea77e2 Merge pull request #197 from benkard/patch-1
79dd675 Fix calculate_size in case $SIZE < $MIN
0668812 Merge pull request #192 from advancedtelematic/refactor/sotatoml
85095e8 Use *.toml files provided in aktualizr github repo
3e2f51e Add support for virtual secondaries
0643f72 Provide user interface to add legacy secondary bridge
b07e63b Merge pull request #185 from liuming50/master
3289bdd Merge pull request #195 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/aktualizeoecmake
4a88896 Add spaces before "_append" clauses
c8fa5c2 Merge pull request #194 from advancedtelematic/feat/tidy
fba014f Add a hint when machine autodetection fails
99b470e Merge pull request #193 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/service
7a973cb Remove aktualizr-manual-provision.service
196add8 Merge pull request #190 from advancedtelematic/fix/repo-manifest
27e0edb Merge pull request #191 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rpi-sdimg
a212eae Remove sdimg-rpi from IMAGE_FSTYPES
6f13bd2 Fix builds outside the .repo directory
378d5ab Merge pull request #183 from advancedtelematic/test/oe-selftest-grub
c1267b6 Merge pull request #189 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/teamcity-build
f110c62 Bump aktualizr version for C++98 standard fix.
261f3f8 Actually do something with aktualizr-info.
8dc13db Merge pull request #188 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4260/backwards
d3d3460 Bump aktualizr version for good
7f7861a Merge pull request #187 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/tufrepo
253ba5f Rename repo.url -> tufrepo.url
678c0a5 Merge pull request #186 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4290/garagecheck
2ca5e74 Check if the package and UPTANE target got to the backend
3163e1d sota: introduce INITRAMFS_FSTYPES
66c0d3a image_types_ostree.bbclass: change the systemd detecting logic
397fb34 Merge pull request #184 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4252/rocko
eab4561 Add fixes for compatibility with Rocko
495a4a4 Test booting with grub.
3d5e35d Merge pull request #181 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4319/duplicate-bblayers-snippets
8da7de1 Refactor Qemu interaction into seperate functions.
e31b542 Ignore configuration templates to avoid duplicate inclusion of stuff
daa6f72 Merge pull request #182 from liuming50/master
d81696e Merge pull request #180 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4199/oe-selftest-qemu
a5ba791 image_types_ostree.bbclass: do not inherit image
1091fb1 image_types_ota.bbclass: do not inherit image
d8ba563 image_types_ota.bbclass: drop deprecated IMAGE_DEPENDS
55e61fd Merge pull request #179 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4260/createtoken
b1aa5d1 Delete hsm-test SOTA_CLIENT_FEATURE as redundant and provoking mistakes
c687237 Make launching qemu part of setUpClass.
7a32589 Move oe-selftest qemu logic to its own function.
e47cd91 Merge pull request #178 from advancedtelematic/feat/autodetect-kvm
af1cc1e Merge pull request #176 from advancedtelematic/test/PRO-4229/oe-selftest-hsm
24e5a6d Autodetect KVM
0b1fd4b Remove unused import, break long lines
de48c40 Check distro features
f64cbdb Merge pull request #174 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4199/oe-selftest-sota-tools
9411b60 Fix some paths based on Leon's techniques.
714f33c Basic garage-deploy test.
9178f71 Make double-bitbake test actually useful.
7e1b403 Split tests into independent classes.
d05ef21 Fix paths to be more reliable.
9d5ad23 Rough draft of a run-qemu-ota test.
95e2f81 Rename for accuracy.
06711c8 Refactor QemuCommand class into its own file/module.
71410bd Merge pull request #173 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4189/garage-sign
e7d4fbf Add managing targets.json by garage-sign
e622a08 Merge pull request #172 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/use-libdir
e183e20 Merge pull request #170 from leon-anavi/pyro
48ac1dd Use ${libdir} instead of /usr/lib.
090141e Merge pull request #171 from advancedtelematic/feat/pkcs11uptane
9e0bd0d Add the newest version of libp11
efb1433 Add UPTANE key generation capability
83de2da README.adoc: Add QA section
3b536a8 Add test for hsm and hsm-test
371d304 Merge pull request #169 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4259/latest-garage-sign
459d961 Latest garage-sign with many bug fixes.
41254c4 Merge pull request #164 from advancedtelematic/fix/pro-4254-cacert-path
cbb8f8f Merge pull request #166 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/pyrobuild
6329b9c Merge pull request #167 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/qemuoverlay
f1689ba Fix ca-certificates-native dependency.
443e92c Fix race condition in run-qemu-ota
9edb72f Fix incompatibilities with latest pyro, use wic on RPi
5812f49 Explicitly include ca-certificates as a dependency for garage-push
514fbb9 Merge pull request #162 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4256/copy-manifest
468b053 Copy repo manifest to the device.
09fbb91 Merge pull request #161 from leon-anavi/pyro
c8b535d Merge pull request #160 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4140/silence-ostree-errors
2e73a3d garage-sign: Update checksums
1becb26 Bump ostree version to get Shaun's fix.
be78e0b Merge pull request #159 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4249/varmount
afd18c7 Share /run directory between initramfs and system image to communicate ostree-booted file
c72d37a Merge pull request #158 from leon-anavi/feat/PRO-4199/oe-selftest
3814eb4 garage-sign: ship files
a1fc5ef garage-sign: Update checksums
c24a4eb Merge branch 'pyro' of into feat/PRO-4199/oe-selftest
cdeaf69 Merge pull request #157 from advancedtelematic/docs/contributing
43b0d7f Add CONTRIBUTING information
26d7ed9 Merge pull request #156 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/update-garage-sign
456e3e7 Merge pull request #150 from advancedtelematic/feat/remerge-recipes
45c9cef Update to latest version.
d3d3247 Merge pull request #151 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4012/basehash
4ec946c Merge pull request #154 from advancedtelematic/refactor/PRO-4179/rust-1.20
32eb7ff Merge pull request #155 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-4219/garage-sign-recipe
9f838e7 New garage-sign recipe.
b50f8c8 Upgrade Rust to 1.20 on Pyro
45668eb Remove IMAGEDATESTAMP to make sstate input deterministic
6e12274 Remerge aktualizr recipes.
63be71d Basic tests. Not complete.
86032c4 Clean up recipes according to Yocto recommendations.
eceaca2 Merge pull request #148 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-4216/new-garage-push
5d654c0 README updates.
3725420 Use garage-push from aktualizr repo.
6b83fd2 Merge pull request #147 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rm-garage-deploy
af48969 Fix harmless error from not installing garage_deploy.
85960c2 Merge pull request #146 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3805/pkcs11
9d9b6a8 Support pkcs#11 in aktualizr and add softhsm token for testing
df3b263 Merge pull request #145 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/big-update-numfmt
96a8690 fix missing `numfmt`
36f1d86 Merge pull request #143 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3799/implicit-writer
2bce870 Bump aktualizr version for implict_writer support.
098f69a Move provisioning out of ostree bbclass into autoprov recipe.
6727062 Move implicit root CA to /usr/lib/sota.
0ab7fe3 Create recipe for implicit provisioning file shuffling.
e8916f0 Formatting.
e789ff5 Merge pull request #142 from advancedtelematic/feat/development-tools-pyro
9f5623f Make it easier to build from branches and run a specific image
1f7c727 Merge pull request #140 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3805/cert_install
c320103 Merge pull request #136 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3805/p11test
364f235 Merge pull request #134 from advancedtelematic/refactor/remove_keyid
4a7366c Add recipes to test pkcs11 functionality in Aktualizr
2712c05 Hacky ability to provide client credentials and install them on the device.
6db91a2 Merge pull request #138 from dl9pf/patch-13
2287e74 Merge pull request #139 from leon-anavi/pyro
d472c32 sota.bbclass: Add aktualizr-auto-prov
975c98c Aktualizr configuraitons
5b31bcd Merge pull request #137 from advancedtelematic/feat/switchtopyro
a9a01b8 remove systemd service and configurations
9fb73b0 Pyro needs coreutils-native (we call sync) b/c rss
c82338b Merge branch 'morty' into pyro
025bed3 Merge pull request #135 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3923-add-persistence-option-qemu-script
c37424f PRO-3923 Add persistence option to run-qemu script
c630035 Remove useless/obsolete --disable-keyid-validation option.
80b420a Merge pull request #129 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/cruft
9953c9c Merge pull request #130 from leon-anavi/morty
6ed33bd Merge pull request #133 from advancedtelematic/merge-morty-changes-forward
cc8585e Add missing libarchive dependency
a130c02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/morty' into HEAD
f943268 Merge pull request #131 from leon-anavi/pyro
8ae459c Depends on xz for liblzma
fefc668 Depends on xz for liblzma
4e5064a Merge pull request #126 from leon-anavi/morty
deac6ea Merge pull request #123 from dl9pf/patch-11
bf3abfd Merge pull request #121 from advancedtelematic/feat/bump-sota
7cfed25 Merge pull request #127 from leon-anavi/PRO-3776
c5ed6a9 Remove BUILD_TESTS=OFF because it does nothing.
b48fe3e scripts/ Use machine specific local.conf
dee9bf7 Show warnings if credentials are not provided
e4d1236 Merge pull request #124 from dl9pf/patch-12
906a94f Set IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR for fixed initrd size
3ca24fc Set IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR for fixed initrd size
88c35d3 update sota-client to d41540a5
97ae557 Merge pull request #120 from leon-anavi/pyro
8a0ef9f Merge pull request #119 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/treehub.json
624e5e7 glib-networking_%.bbappend: Add again hackery
91c7c98 Delete treehub.json from the credentials package on the device
cae622f Merge pull request #110 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3484/avoid-build-unzip
e59b7e9 Remove device section as it is no longer used.
b20eb4a Prepare credentials correctly for rvi-sota-client.
b376ae9 Minor documentation typo/grammar fix.
5330702 Call garage-push directly with zip file instead of sending unzipped contents.
67601af Merge pull request #117 from chbae/pyro
93e5ebe Add LICENSE and SRC_URI variable in recipe
34d5f75 Merge pull request #115 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/sota-launcher-depends
0f3f8b4 fix dependency of sota-launcher to correct rvi-sota-client
245bdcd update sota-client to b9170df
03b1971 Merge pull request #114 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3681-reenable-petname-rvi-sota-server
a50d20b PRO-3681 Add python-petname back in rvi-sota-server RDEPENDS
999e261 Merge pull request #107 from advancedtelematic/refactor/PRO-3377/secondary-ecus
16eb34d Merge pull request #111 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/pro-3663/sota-tools
25fa85e rename back sota-client to rvi-sota-client
61a7adc Bump version of sota-tools
ff5efc4 Split rvi-sota-client into multiple binaries
ea1c3a4 Merge pull request #108 from leon-anavi/pyro
2c43ed0 glib-networking_%.bbappend: Remove hackery
ad5245e u-boot_2016.11: Copy U-Boot recipe from morty
53526d7 Merge branch 'morty' of into pyro
e5a12d4 Merge pull request #104 from advancedtelematic/feat/new-run-qemu
c6488a1 Merge pull request #106 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3157-restore-petnames
3000fc4 Merge pull request #103 from leon-anavi/morty
a4bab29 PRO-3157 Restore petname usage in rvi-sota-client provision script
28e841a aktualizr: Update to c24f1fc
5ec153a Copy run-qemu script over from meta-updater-qemux86-64
c88d6c6 aktualizr: Update to 207898e
6f7f86b Merge pull request #97 from advancedtelematic/refactor/PRO-3413/update-client
3c0ab61 Merge pull request #102 from leon-anavi/pyro
a89a2a7 Remove from rvi_sota_client recipe
92204be image_types_ostree.bbclass: Fix path to unzip
a6dbdad Update rvi_sota_client to latest commit
00dc1fe Merge pull request #101 from advancedtelematic/feat/mergemorty
b56329a Merge pull request #99 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rpixz
69a0db9 Merge branch 'morty' into pyro
b0d9d70 Merge pull request #92 from dl9pf/patch-2
4b32751 Merge pull request #91 from dl9pf/patch-1
0c35f17 Fix output directory in sdcard_image-rpi-ota
02c4dbb Merge pull request #98 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/pokybuild
e39692a Fix build issues with yocto pyro
3cffb22 Merge pull request #93 from dl9pf/patch-3
00cf945 Merge pull request #94 from dl9pf/patch-4
109b534 Use compression on output file to save space
51e4c72 Disable noisy warnings ... should only print once.
43163f4 Disable noisy warnings ... should only print once.
510483e Also remove compressed rpi-sdimg.xz
56aab3b Remove also compressed rpi-sdimg.xz
e565878 Merge pull request #88 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3341/PRO-3342/report-device-info
f4d02e3 PRO-3341 PRO-3342 Bump aktualizr version to add sw/hw reporting
964c035 Merge pull request #86 from advancedtelematic/feat/pro-3320
83af625 Merge pull request #87 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/agl-doesnt-boot
5d38a4f Merge pull request #83 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3330/build-script
0f40a9d Fix new/existing build directory logic
a33124a Quote all bash variables
30109fe Fix script directory in zsh
dc23453 Aktualizr updates, including sync()
45c155a Merge pull request #85 from advancedtelematic/feat/DEM-158/R-Car-M3
3eda07d Retry mounting sysroot
64e2fb4 Fix warnings from shellcheck shell linter
ae8a5db sota: Support m3ulcb
40922f1 Merge pull request #84 from advancedtelematic/fix/SPEC-761
1c5b56d Preserve /var/local
15ae682 Update docs links
e09a0ea Merge pull request #82 from advancedtelematic/feat/big-update
ce35a47 Merge pull request #77 from advancedtelematic/feat/aktualizruptane
cdd7e90 Add uptane-capable aktualizr
266f988 adds two versions of a random, seeded big file
2d49a25 Merge pull request #81 from chbae/pyro
5b7cf9b Merge pull request #79 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/sotaclient
1e068cd u-boot: Remove bb file
55cf85a Arrage script for pyro
10fce02 Fix a typo (missing double quotes)
08e225b Set default SOTA_CLIENT directly in sota.bbclass
c1d3335 Merge pull request #78 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3260/generate-ecu-serial
88a4a81 PRO-3260 Bump rust client version for ecu serial gen
9656477 Merge pull request #74 from advancedtelematic/feat/ostreecurl
70b4635 Merge pull request #75 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3196/PRO-3208-rust-client-fixes
8c8bf3e Bump client version to fix PRO-3208 + PRO-3196
f804d83 Merge pull request #73 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3195/sotaclient
b31ea51 Build OSTree with curl support
20aae31 Add option to choose which sota client to use (if any)
3dbb25b Merge pull request #71 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-3157-use-random-friendly-names
acb37d5 Bump rvi_sota_client version
4629b90 PRO-3157 Add recipe for friendly name generator
8379268 Merge pull request #70 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3152/nativeappend
0b12ce6 Merge pull request #64 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-2945/zipcreds
08b5230 Fix broken English
2308658 Fix a typo
134cacc Merge pull request #72 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-3141/rpi-sdimg
38c42da Remove unneeded image types
b542d59 Fix variable extension error
6eef580 Merge pull request #68 from advancedtelematic/feat/manual-prov-aktualizr
1c53ba3 Support Aktualizr in manual-provisioning mode
5c36fff Add support for zipped credentials
0bba622 Merge pull request #67 from advancedtelematic/fix/machine-prefix
f2ee287 Merge pull request #65 from advancedtelematic/feat/split-out-distro-inc
02e3898 Merge pull request #66 from advancedtelematic/fix/typo-rpi
d84246d Prefix OSTREE_BRANCHNAME with ${MACHINE}-
5911762 Fix typo in machine name for R-Pi3
a446bf1 Extract common distro configuration into
35483ee Merge pull request #62 from advancedtelematic/feat/aktualizrostree
7f79a6c Merge pull request #61 from advancedtelematic/feat/noop
108c545 Merge pull request #63 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rpikernel7
b0b0403 Get u-boot installed on Raspberry Pi 3
75bdf06 Build aktualizr with OSTree support enabled
c82a50c Don't build wic on qemu and rpi
db156eb Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/morty' into feat/noop
83e8345 Make layer inclusion a neutral operation
221a375 Merge pull request #60 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/noconnman
eeb82cd Disable connman, systemd-networkd is used instead
9c2eec7 Merge pull request #59 from advancedtelematic/feat/am335x-evm-wifi
f3b1df6 Add support for am335x-evm based board with WiFi
9e9caee Merge pull request #58 from ronan22/morty
e3a2fa7 add .gitignore file
bae5201 Merge pull request #57 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/machinc
4d610e9 Replace includes with bblcasses
4ebfc44 Merge pull request #56 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rvi
f76663b Move rvi-sota-client to poky-sota-systemd.conf
4f1a20b Merge pull request #55 from advancedtelematic/switchupdater
fe58cc2 Don't build wic unless IMAGE_BOOT_FILES is set
39049ac Merge pull request #54 from advancedtelematic/feat/mount-by-label
47921fe Mount the root filesystem by label rather than path
c5ca4c8 Merge pull request #53 from advancedtelematic/fix/disable-prelink
e6ecb4a Set u-boot as default bootloader
70bad60 Set default DISTRO, disable prelink
41d94be Merge pull request #52 from advancedtelematic/feat/qa-tool
81edfc9 Script to build over multiple directories
eae33b9 Merge branch 'morty' into switchupdater
71d0af7 Merge pull request #50 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/autotypo
4a406d4 Fix a typo that prevents autoprovision credentials from being delpoyed
6ed78c6 Merge pull request #49 from advancedtelematic/fix/pro-2908-wrapper
8d6b288 Create a wrapper so OSTree can find ostree-grub-generator
f8a90e4 Inherit u-boot when u-boot images are required
b4373b6 Merge pull request #48 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/porteruboot
8a5f5aa Fix non-existing UBOOT_MACHINE
e7bd268 Merge pull request #47 from advancedtelematic/feat/grubefi
58e7b90 Add configuration for grub-efi on Minnowboard
77e701b Merge pull request #46 from advancedtelematic/fix/qemu-kernel-version
b302a85 Add _sota suffix
a42822f Force version of Kernel to 4.4 to fix qemu crash
21927f5 Merge pull request #45 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/aglcompat
e36a782 Add tweaks for compatibility with AGL
25199f1 Merge pull request #44 from advancedtelematic/feat/bleeding-edge
8f80eb2 Create config file to build against master
7309d7b Merge pull request #41 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/minnowwic
64ceafc Fix small bugs, fix WIC for minnowboard
6104695 Merge pull request #40 from advancedtelematic/feat/syncagl
82a3c13 Replace TEMPLATECONF with agl-like config snippets
b49c263 Replace sdcard_image* classes with wic
501e07a Merge from meta-agl-extra
feb5a6a Merge pull request #39 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/PRO-2748-fix-sdimg-symlink
95b5db5 PRO-2748 Fix sdcard image symlink
11d902f Merge pull request #37 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/morty
e92b269 Fix several critical bugs in morty
9d4ca6a Merge pull request #36 from advancedtelematic/feat/morty
f38fc41 Changes for morty branch (sync with AGL's meta-sota)
7643e4d Merge pull request #35 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/gnuhash
d47d19a Fix a bug with missing GNU_HASH in lshw under Yocto
7113b6b Merge pull request #34 from advancedtelematic/feat/aktualizr
5dc260e Change name of cpp client to 'aktualizr'
fbd4aac Merge pull request #33 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/curlsota
0dab1e2 Merge pull request #31 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/lazycell
22e2931 Add dependency in CURL to sota-tools recipe
d1fa1c5 Add lazycell create (required by mio)
834e59f Merge pull request #29 from leon-anavi/krogoth
0b0319d sota-client-cpp: Update version
dd5686a sota-client-cpp: Build in release mode
1fa2f8e sota-client-cpp: GENIVI SOTA project in C++
98c09de Merge pull request #28 from advancedtelematic/fix/bump-garage-push-for-slash
72be93d Dump version of sota-tools to be smart about trailing /
604abde Merge pull request #26 from advancedtelematic/bump-sota-client-version
680315c update sota client version for new systemd.service
435dc43 Merge pull request #25 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/polish-readme
e3ed4fd Merge pull request #24 from advancedtelematic/feat/bumpsotatools
81cc8a3 general polishing and clarification of text
3e8bf40 Update sota-tools
7d99ac2 switch to asciidoc in readme
201e9f3 Merge pull request #23 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/taskhash
5316597 Remove useless image-version-info to get rid of "taskhash mismatch" error
a4adc31 Merge pull request #21 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-2263/newclient
3dad6d8 Merge pull request #22 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rpiuboot
b318b82 Update sota-client to actually use deployed package list
83ad1a2 Move RPi-specific u-boot script to meta-updater-raspberrypi
6e60a85 Merge pull request #20 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-2260/bsp
2030bf1 Documented board integration
bccf378 Merge pull request #18 from advancedtelematic/feat/update-crates
03a8e39 Merge pull request #19 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-2262/packlist
1187aae Make a symlink to
81f500e Copy image manifest to /usr
65e1ef3 Update crates to match Cargo.lock
31d297a Merge pull request #17 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/ostreescript
3ce652b Bring back
c4f5a90 Merge pull request #16 from advancedtelematic/feat/systemddistro
45e20bf Add systemd-enabled distro
692fc93 Merge pull request #15 from advancedtelematic/feat/minnowsd
72ddd7a Add OTA SD image for Minnowboard
a7ba4cb Update sota-client
4a264b5 Add u-boot configs for intel machines
db58e57 Deploy credentials to physical sysroot's /boot
96ed051 Merge pull request #14 from advancedtelematic/feat/PRO-1974/uboot-bsp
84fece9 Move u-boot to BSP layers
1e225f3 Merge pull request #13 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/pro-2211/add_certificates
42c8eb6 OSTree requires SSL certificates to pull by https, add them
17e728e Merge pull request #12 from advancedtelematic/feat/nosystemd
65535be Update sota-client version to match that of meta-oim
eff667c Make systemd optional
7ad5573 Merge pull request #11 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/bumppush
d09f8e1 Bump sota-tools version to support new credentials format
e562aef Merge pull request #10 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/rviclient
1a53e92 Bump rvi-sota-client version (syncronize with meta-sota)
99b9b2c Merge pull request #9 from advancedtelematic/feat/credentials
00ec1ca Add a recipe deploying credentials on the device
cc92873 Merge pull request #8 from advancedtelematic/feat/connman
83ac7e8 Add connman as the default network manager
8450a21 Merge pull request #7 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/systemdinit
4e19ba0 Merge pull request #6 from advancedtelematic/fix/whitespace
14731e6 Set systemd as the chosen init manager
615a86b Fix whitespace
d8099ab Merge pull request #5 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/depends
f82055f Add missing dependencies
8acf859 Merge pull request #4 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/systemd
0fb8821 Add systemd DISTRO_FEATURE for OSTree
a6d54e4 Merge pull request #3 from advancedtelematic/feat/sotadistro
ef25902 Merge pull request #2 from advancedtelematic/bugfix/metaoe
0b4a11f Minimal OTA-enabled distro
96b68dc Add dependency to meta-openembedded/meta-filesystems required by OSTree
f47d6d7 Merge pull request #1 from advancedtelematic/feat/rpi
f690729 Rasperrypi-specific configuration
a3d3733 Add distro configuration and AGL templates
5c2171a Bump versions of meta-sota utilities
5d25642 Add ota draft for ota image
72df997 Merge "A tool for uploading OSTree objects to a server together with integration code"
937f386 A tool for uploading OSTree objects to a server together with integration code
ac0c787 Added SOTA_VERSION that is displayed when user runs 'sota-client -v' on the target machine
34dc600 Merge "Upgrade to the latest rvi_sota_client"
2642ce5 Upgrade to the latest rvi_sota_client
6ff77bb Merge "OTA-enabled live image for Porter board"
f2c7bb6 Merge "Update rvi-sota-client"
14ccbd8 OTA-enabled live image for Porter board
e42ce3e Update rvi-sota-client
a212922 Move RPi specific bbappends to meta-agl-bsp
0939263 Move machine-dependent sota configuration to machine templates
caa1a11 Double size of OTA ramdisk to 16M
611974f Merge "OSTree-enabled image for raspberry Pi"
d6573cf OSTree-enabled image for raspberry Pi
3946274 Fix build of ostree on host system
20f3a4c Upgrade to v2016.12
3dfa44a Merge "Fix build of libgsystem in sota feature"
4447a0c Only build u-boot in otaimg for qemux86, otherwise it should be managed by live image recipe
acc7205 Fix build of libgsystem in sota feature
751edc8 Merge "Bump OSTree version to v2016.11"
ed143db Bump OSTree version to v2016.11
61477cc Fix initramfs build for sota
7bd3693 Tuned initrd image and pseudo environment to fix bugs with extended security attributes.
844ddcf Added initramfs image and fixed several error to make AGL rootfs bootable as an OSTree deployment
0983092 Upgrade to v2016.10
e35210f Deploy installed files in /usr/lib
211b12c Merge "Build OSTree natively, and its dependencies as well"
6cc7aad Merge " Upgrade OSTree to v2016.9"
bb8287c Merge " Bug fixes"
e573281 Merge " Bug fixes"
8a570c7 Change do_rootfs to do_image_* after respective change in poky.
05c9013 Merge "Adds image type for OSTree deployment sysroot"
d0d74fb Build OSTree natively, and its dependencies as well
9f816bd Upgrade OSTree to v2016.9
ca40ecf Bug fixes
25dedda Bug fixes
19b2c68 Merge "Force u-boot (or another virtual/bootloader if overriden by user) to build with otaimg"
38b09fb Adds image type for OSTree deployment sysroot
d57cf01 Force u-boot (or another virtual/bootloader if overriden by user) to build with otaimg
ec0d7ed Replaced links to libgcc functions for 64-bit integer divisions with ipxe implementation to get rid of multilib
081b8be Merge "Replaced functionality in qemux86-ota machine with feature. otaimg is now a live image."
2174e75 Replaced functionality in qemux86-ota machine with feature. otaimg is now a live image.
77e5f29 ostree: upgrade to v2016.8
4b9938d Add support for emulating OSTree updates in qemux86: new live image, u-boot that can be used as BIOS, machine that uses both and fork of poky runqemu supporting the new live image.
291d597 libgsystem: Change source repository and version
ece75b5 ostree: systemd is required as a dependency
62cf405 ostree: systemd services
459f24c ostree: use stable release v2016.7
b913056 ostree: Update source URL
b221d79 added meta-sota, enabled by feature 'agl-sota'

Change-Id: Ib3f1d543a254951d16843d2c6f8e1f5d7d310030
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