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Bundle Loader

Bundle loader for Webpack.


npm i bundle-loader --save


Documentation: Using loaders

// The chunk is requested, when you require the bundle
var waitForChunk = require("bundle-loader!./file.js");

// To wait until the chunk is available (and get the exports)
//  you need to async wait for it.
waitForChunk(function(file) {
    // use file like it was required with
    // var file = require("./file.js");
// wraps the require in a require.ensure block

The file is requested when you require the bundle loader. If you want it to request it lazy, use:

var load = require("bundle-loader?lazy!./file.js");

// The chunk is not requested until you call the load function
load(function(file) {


You may set name for bundle (name query parameter). See documentation.



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