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@alexander-akait alexander-akait released this 25 Jul 16:13
· 248 commits to master since this release


  • minimum required Node.js version is 10.13.0
  • minimum required webpack version is 4.27.0
  • the esModule option is true by default
  • default value of the sourceMap option depends on the devtool option
  • icss plugin disable by default, you need to setup the modules option to enable it
  • the modules option is true by default for all files matching /\.module\.\w+$/i.test(filename) regular expression, is true by default
  • the modules.context option was renamed to the modules.localIdentContext option
  • default the modules.localIdentContext value is compiler.context for the module.getLocalIdent option
  • the modules.hashPrefix option was renamed to the modules.localIdentHashPrefix option
  • the localsConvention option was moved and renamed to the modules.exportLocalsConvention option
  • the getLocalIndent option should be always Function and should always return String value
  • the onlyLocals option was moved and renamed to the modules.exportOnlyLocals option
  • function arguments of the import option were changed, it is now funciton(url, media, resourcePath) {}
  • inline syntax was changed, please write ~ before the file request, i.e. rewrite url(~!!loader!package/img.png) to url(!!loader!~package/img.png)


  • @value supports importing url() (#1126) (7f49a0a)
  • improve url() resolving algorithm (bc19ddd)
  • named export for locals (#1108) (d139ec1)
  • respected the style field from package.json (#1099) (edf5347)
  • support file: protocol (5604205)
  • support server relative URLs

Bug Fixes

  • resolution algorithm, you don't need ~ inside packages in node_modules (76f1480)