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@alexander-akait alexander-akait released this
· 127 commits to master since this release
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  • minimum required webpack version is 4.36.0
  • minimum required node.js version is 8.9.0
  • move all sass (includePaths, importer, functions) options to the sassOptions option. The functions option can't be used as Function, you should use sassOption as Function to achieve this.
  • the data option was renamed to the prependData option
  • default value of the sourceMap option depends on the devtool value (eval/false values don't enable source map generation)


  • automatically use the fibers package if it is possible (#744) (96184e1)
  • source map generation depends on the devtool option (#743) (fcea88e)
  • validate loader options (#737) (7b543fc)
  • reworked error handling from node-sass/sass
  • improve resolution for @import (including support _index and index files in a directory)

Bug Fixes

  • compatibility with pnp