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Contains artwork, designs and images related to the webpack project.


webpack should always be written in lower-case letters. Even at the beginning of a sentence.


The webpack logo should be placed on a white background with enough space around it like this:

logo white example


Just double the size of the blue cube to get an idea how much space the logo should have.

For dark backgrounds, you can use the negative version of the logo:

logo dark example


Icon only

The icon is designed to be used in layout-constrained areas. If possible, please prefer icon + text.

icon example


Square-sized icon for bigger areas (like avatars):

icon square big example


Square-sized icon for smaller areas (like favicons):

icon square small example



Geomanist Medium

Color Palette

psdpngai | svg


The logo and the brand name are not MIT licensed. Please check our LICENSE for usage guidelines.