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Webpack-CLI V.2.0.0

@evenstensberg evenstensberg released this
· 2769 commits to master since this release
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Version 2.0.0 contains a lot of changes in the source code to improve the quality in the repository, and the work on a good project structure is underway. This version comes with additions of features that will help developers work better, as well as improvements in the source code. View the almost complete changelog here. This is a summary of the new release:

  • Internal Documentation is added
  • ECMAScript configurations are supported, this means you can write configurations, using import/export or other syntax sugary features that modern JavaScript has to offer
  • v8-compile-cache is added, which will speed up compilation time
  • webpack add is added (please do try it out and submit an issue with your feedback!)
  • webpack serve is enabled, which will run a development server for you
  • Source code quality, testing and repository structure is improved