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docs(plugins): clarify name/names for async commons chunk (#1345)

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andrewdushane authored and skipjack committed Jul 28, 2017
1 parent 4739033 commit 1f675ba36241e4ba9f5e07cba20169f36961c282
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@@ -138,16 +138,19 @@ Similar to the above one, but instead of moving common modules into the parent (
new webpack.optimize.CommonsChunkPlugin({
// names: ["app", "subPageA"]
// (choose the chunks, or omit for all chunks)
name: "app",
// or
names: ["app", "subPageA"]
// the name or list of names must match the name or names
// of the entry points that create the async chunks
children: true,
// (use all children of the chunk)
async: true,
// (create an async commons chunk)
// minChunks: 3,
minChunks: 3,
// (3 children must share the module before it's separated)

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