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<!-- Thanks for submitting a pull request! Please provide enough information so that others can review your pull request. -->
**What kind of change does this PR introduce?**
<!-- E.g. a bugfix, feature, refactoring, build related change, etc… -->
**Did you add tests for your changes?**
-**If relevant, did you update the documentation?**
+<!-- Note that we won't merge your changes if you don't add tests -->
+**If relevant, link to documentation update:**
+<!-- Link PR from webpack/ here, or N/A -->
<!-- Explain the **motivation** for making this change. What existing problem does the pull request solve? -->
<!-- Try to link to an open issue for more information. -->
**Does this PR introduce a breaking change?**
<!-- If this PR introduces a breaking change, please describe the impact and a migration path for existing applications. -->
**Other information**

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