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I'm implementing split points using commonJS however I can't see a way to handle failed chunk requests. I also haven't seen anything in the commonJS async proposal mentioning error handling. I have however seen implementations doing this:

require.ensure(['foo'], function(err) {
    if (err) {
        // error
    // success
    var foo = require('foo');

Although I'm not sure if the spec requires the first argument to be require?

I think the same goes for AMD as I can't see anything in the spec re: error handling but almost all implementations do this:

require(['foo'], function(foo) {
    // success
}, function() {
    // error

In terms of implementation for webpack I imagine it could easily be handled by binding to the script tags 'error' event?

zxcabs commented Feb 4, 2015

we are discussing it in #686 and #692

@sokra sokra added a commit that closed this issue Nov 6, 2015
@sokra sokra Chunk loading error handling
fixes #692
fixes #758
fixes #686
fixes #785
@sokra sokra closed this in bf1f114 Nov 6, 2015

So it seems this issue got resolved, but can't seem to find an example how to implement it and make sure to catch errors.

Any guidance how to do this, or do you still need a loader like for this?

sokra commented Jun 7, 2016

The webpack 2 API returns a Promise:

System.import("module").then(() => { ... }).catch(err => { ... });

Got it, didn't realise this was for v2 - thanks!

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