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@sokra sokra released this Dec 13, 2016 · 9535 commits to master since this release

Major changes:

  • add import() as Code Splitting construct. It should be used instead of System.import when possible. System.import will be deprecated in webpack 2 release (removed in webpack 3) as it's behavior is incorrect according to the spec.
  • *.json files are now supported without the json-loader. You may still use it. It's not a breaking change.
  • webpack will now show performance warnings when bundle size is too big. You can disable them with performance.hints = false. It recommended to disable them in development but leave them enabled in production.


  • Generate equal code on each platform when using node.js modules, module, process, global, etc.
  • CLI: Fixes --module-bind for the -loader change
  • Validation: externals now allows boolean values
  • Loaders: Complex options are now correctly passed when using remainingRequest like with the style-loader
  • Fixes a event leak when using watch mode
  • Stats: exclude now only tests resource and not complete identifier
  • Fixes bug related to export * from ...
  • CLI: Fix behavior of --cache and --no-cache
  • It's now possible to combine webpack ES2015 modules with babel ES2015 modules


  • add output.strictModuleExceptionHandling option which handles exceptions in modules correctly, but with less performance. The more performant variant is enabled by default.
  • Template strings are now allowed at locations where expressions are allowed. import(./template/${template})
  • Allow to match rules on resourceQuery
  • add __webpack_nonce__ to set nonce for chunk loading script tags
  • Improve tree shaking for import *


  • Cache some expensive stuff

🎄 We are approaching the first Release Candidate...

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