@sokra sokra released this Jan 11, 2017 · 40 commits to master since this release

Node.js dropped support for 0.12, so we do.

Breaking changes:

  • Using CommonJS or AMD export stuff in a ES2015 module will emit errors.


  • performance hints are off by default. It was too annoying, but you can still see the [big] flag by default.


  • webpack now exits with non-zero exit code when configuration Promise is rejected.


  • ProvidePlugin supports passing array to access members of a module
  • renamed NoErrorsPlugin to NoEmitOnErrorsPlugin, NoErrorsPlugin is still working but is deprecated


  • Migrated many internal classes to ES2015
  • improved tests, linting and CI
  • added testcases for CLI

Final Release

This is probably the last RC. We released it as final test.
If no critial bugs are discovered, we release 2.2.0 in < 10 days.