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@sokra sokra released this 28 May 23:16
· 8736 commits to main since this release


  • Export and import name strings in them wasm are mangled
  • Unused exports in wasm are removed (Tree Shaking)
    • Don't expect size improvements yet since there is not minimizer for WASM yet which does the Dead Code Elimination, which is the second part for this optimization
  • Direct WASM dependencies are enforced for:
    • functions imports with i64 parameters or return values
    • memory and table imports
  • generate shorter wasm runtime code
  • ESM namespace object now have Symbol.toStringTag "Module"


  • generate correct initializer for imported globals in wasm
  • side-effect-free modules referenced by export * from are no longer including in the bundle
  • the side-effects optimization is now possible in incremental compilation