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@sokra sokra released this 11 Jul 08:47
· 8306 commits to main since this release


  • add wasm support for electron-renderer target
  • add optimization.moduleIds and optimization.chunkIds options to replace other options


  • fix order of side effect evaluation for exported dependencies in side-effect-free modules
  • fix some typos
  • Support the case when passing an array to output.library.root and using a devtool
  • fix a HMR logging message issue in browser where err.stack is not set
  • add missing default extensions to the DllReferencePlugin
  • module/chunk ids in Stats now sort numerical when they are numbers
  • fix lost chunk reasons when using optimization.splitChunks.maxSize
  • fix cases where Dependency.loc is a string instead of an object


  • deprecated in favor of compareLocations
  • optimization.namedModules is now deprecated
  • optimization.hashedModuleIds is now deprecated
  • optimization.namedChunks is now deprecated
  • optimization.occurrenceOrder is now deprecated