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@sokra sokra released this 19 Nov 08:51


  • Switch from uglify-es to terser as default minimizer

Note: While they are officially backward-compatible, it can still happen that a new bugs occurs with terser, which break your production builds. Make sure to validate your production builds after upgrading to this version. (Note that it's always a good idea to test your output assets before deploying.)

If you want to report bugs to terser (, please provide a minimal repro case with minimized and non-minimized code. You can configure webpack to generate non-minimized code in production mode by setting optimization.minimize: false. When reporting a bug to terser, best report a repro case which doesn't require running webpack and is reproducible with only the terser command line.

See optimization.minimizers configuration option to switch back to uglify-es or provide additional minimize options for terser.