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@sokra sokra released this May 20, 2019 · 2432 commits to master since this release


  • Added this.mode to the loader API, to allow loaders to choose defaults by mode similar to webpacks options
  • Stack Trace for Errors in rejected Promises from import() now includes the stack from where the import() was called


  • The Parser can now analyse identifiers in rest patterns too
    • const { a, } = obj, where rest conflicts with an imported binding etc.
  • node: false now correctly disables __dirname and __filename too
  • __dirname and __filename now no longer evaluates to something when node: false or node.__file/dirname: false is set
    • if(__dirname !== "") is no longer replaced with if(true) in such scenarios
  • prefetching chunks is no executed after the initial module evaluation
    • This allows to override i. e. __webpack_public_path__ for prefetching too
  • fixes a runtime crash when using side-effect-free modules with the DllPlugin


  • CI tests node.js 12 now too
  • webpack-bot now merges dependabot PRs automatically when status checks succeed
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