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@sokra sokra released this Jul 24, 2020 · 3651 commits to master since this release


  • Improve sideEffects flag behavior when dynamic modules are part of the tree
    • Fixes a bug which causes empty modules (or type-only modules) to "break" Tree Shaking
  • add splitChunks.enforceSizeThreshold to allow enfore splitting larger chunks unrelated from other limiations
    • Not set by default to avoid breaking change
    • It will be set by default to 50k in webpack 5
    • It's recommended to set it in webpack 4 too
  • add support for resolve.roots and default resolve.roots: [context]
    • This allows to resolve server-relative urls (e.g. /src/abc) to the project root (or other locations when configured)
    • This allows to use loaders that rely on that behavior


  • fix bug where splitChunks produced non-optimal results when minSize is set to 0
    • This lead to NaNs in some places which breaks ordering
  • Fix bug which lead to HMR not working for splitChunks in entrypoints
  • force update watchpack and chokidar for chokidar bugfix which causes files to stop being watched
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