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@sokra sokra released this 17 Apr 16:25
· 9224 commits to main since this release


  • improve stats output alignment
  • improve stats text output when all exports are used
  • add webpackPrefetch/webpackPreload magic comments to import()
  • add stats.entrypoints[].children and stats.entrypoints[].childAssets to stats json
  • add prefetched/preloaded chunks and assets to stats text output
  • Performance improvements


  • Escape chunk ids for target: "webworker"
  • fix this to undefined ESM replacement in function default values
  • new require(...) is weird, but now behaves like in node.js
  • fix behavior of export * from "commonjs" with partial override
  • fixed build time output in current locale in stats text output
  • fixed ChunkModuleIdRangePlugin and add tests
  • avoid race condition when using the loadModule loader API
  • fix default value of output.globalObject in target: "node-webkit"
  • fix a bug with loadModules and dependencies in these modules
  • fix hot.accept parser plugin to allow defined values as argument
  • print unknown size when size is unknown
  • fix a bug where some chunks were missing in the "single" runtime chunk
  • fix cloning of optimization configuration

Internal changes

  • Set up infrastructure for linting typings with TypeScript