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@sokra sokra released this 25 May 20:18
· 8785 commits to main since this release


  • BannerPlugin supports a function as banner option
  • allow serve property in configuration schema
  • add entryOnly option to DllPlugin to only expose modules in the entry point
  • Allow to choose between webpack-cli and webpack-command
  • improve error message when JSON parsing fails
  • allow BOM in JSON
  • sort usedIds in records for stablility


  • align module not found error message with node.js
  • fix behavior of splitChunks when request limit has reached (caused suboptimal splitting)
  • fix handling of RegExp in records (caused absolute path in records)
  • fix handling of circular chunks (caused missing __webpack_require__.e)
  • runtimeChunk is even generated when all modules are moved by splitChunks (caused multiple runtime chunks instead of single one)
  • string ids are no longer recorded (caused duplicate/wrong chunk ids)
  • fix link to migration guide in error message

Internal changes

  • add more typings
  • Use travis stages
  • add many-pages example