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@sokra sokra released this
· 299 commits to main since this release
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  • add options to configure export presence checking
    • parser.javascript.reexportExportsPresence: false allows to disable warnings for non-existing exports during the migration from export ... from "..." to export type ... from "..." for type reexports in TypeScript
  • add experiments.backCompat: false to disable some expensive deprecations for better performance


  • use ['catch'] instead of .catch for better ES3 support
  • fix removed parentheses when using new (require("...")).Something()
  • fix { require } object literals
  • splitChunks.chunks option is now correctly used for splitChunks.fallbackCacheGroup.maxSize too
  • fix schema of listen option, allow to omit port
  • add better support for Promises from different isolates

Developer Experience

  • add typings for the webpack API that is available within modules
    • use /// <reference types="webpack/module" /> to use the typings in typescript modules
    • or "types": [..., "webpack/module"] in tsconfig