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A tool for monitoring webpack optimization metrics through the development process
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Please note that Webpack Monitor is NOT currently maintained - sorry 😢

Webpack Monitor

Webpack Monitor is a configurable Webpack plugin that captures relevant statistics on your production builds, and an interactive analysis tool that helps developers better understand bundle composition and identify and prioritize optimization strategies.

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webpack monitor analysis tool

Install the webpack monitor plugin on your production config. The plugin will collect stats whenever meaningful changes to bundle composition have occurred. Optionally launch analysis too to see how your bundles have changed over time!


npm install --save-dev webpack-monitor

in webpack.config.js

const WebpackMonitor = require('webpack-monitor');

// ...

plugins: [
  new WebpackMonitor({
    capture: true, // -> default 'true'
    target: '../monitor/myStatsStore.json', // default -> '../monitor/stats.json'
    launch: true, // -> default 'false'
    port: 3030, // default -> 8081
    excludeSourceMaps: true // default 'true'
  • capture will collect stats on the build where meaningful changes have occurred. We do not capture build data where the build does not differ from most recent build on file.
  • target specify where to save your build data
  • launch will fire up a local server and launch the webpack monitor analysis tool
  • port optionally set the port for local server
  • excludeSourceMaps excludes emitted source maps from the build stats


To contribute to webpack-monitor, fork the repository and clone it to your machine then install dependencies with npm install. If you're interested in joining the Webpack Monitor team as a contributor, feel free to message one of us directly!



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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