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Computer security module examples

Downloading this repo

cloning out this repo locally

If you have not cloned this repository before do this:

git clone

updating to the latest version

If you have cloned the repository before, do this to update it with any changes I have made.

# do this if you have made changes
git add .
git commit -m "my changes"

# this will get any updates from this repo
git pull

Automated Auditing tools

Here are some examples of automated tools which can be used for auditing.

For system configuration

For source code

files in this repo

  • - (Example file in /home/alice inside the VM) - explains some basics about linux file permissions
  • - provides some basic Linux commands

OVA image

An ova image is a virtual machine image that is designed to run inside a hypervisor (like virtualbox). In order to use it on your home machine, you can download the OVA file from here.

If you are in the lab, you should NOT download this file directly, instead use the script which will download it into temporary storage (/tmp/).

This will let you use linux commands in bash, change permissions and see the effects.

Technical details

For those of you intrested in the machine setup:

  • The virtual machine is a Debian Jessie image, initially setup with 1GB of ram.
  • It has no desktop envrioment installed (is command line only).
  • It has an ssh server running
  • It has been configured with two network interfaces (eth0 and eth1)

User accounts

The user accounts are:

username password groups
root password42 root
alice password42 alice, csee
bob password42 bob, csee
eve password42 eve