Symfony Nginx webserver container
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Symfony Nginx webserver container

This container works together with symfony-standard and its derivatives.

Environment variables

Variable Default Description
FPM_HOST app PHP FPM hostname
FPM_PORT 9000 PHP FPM public port

Versioning strategy

The containers follow the versions of the official parent nginx image versioning:

The four "main" versions are separated into branches, the version numbers are represented as tags. For example:

There are five branches: master, latest, stable, mainline-alpine, stable-alpine

Master contains the nginx config and a non-functional template Dockerfile.

For the latest branch the respective tags are: 1, 1.11, 1.11.1

In case the above tags change (like there is a new minor version 1.11.2 => 1.11) or there is a change in this repo (nginx config) the above branches are updated, the tags are force pushed. In order to maintain backward compatibility, every nginx config changes receive a revision tag too, starting with revision one. Revision tags are created BEFORE applying any changes which means you need to update your configuration when a BC break is found, although there is a low chance for that.

The recommended usage of this image is to rely on the branch-versions and in case of incompatibility, fall back to a numeric version tag.