Library to help converting text based content from one format to another
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Content Converter

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Transform CMS content from a format into another.

Initial implementation is about converting a MediaWiki XML dumpBackup <page/> backup into static files. Each MediaWiki revision (i.e. "save") becomes a Git Commit. Library should support to handle content conversion from MediaWiki Wikitext we were using on into plain Markdown.

See webplatform/mediawiki-conversion for a runner implementation of this package.

Library features

Usage overview

This library original objective was to convert Wikitext only using Regular Expressions but is not limited to it.

It was designed to read XML, run set of passes and get something else out of it.


Converting MediaWiki’s Wikitext is a very hard problem to solve.

Even folks at Wikimedia Foundation finds it hard to solve that way.

That’s why they created Parsoid. Parsoid is a NodeJS system that acts as a MediaWiki parser but outside of PHP.

That being said, this library is still useful if you want to do conversion with Regular Expressions, the class described in Convert content using Regular Expressions can be used.

But if you really need to convert MediaWiki, you can still use this library too, but differently from its original "local only" design goal.

You´ll have to use your own MediaWiki installation and leverage its built-in parser system to give you the HTML it generates.

To try it for yourself you can see with test/rules script in this project.

For a full import run, take a look at webplatform/mediawiki-conversion and the result code repository published at webplatform/docs

Convert content using Regular Expressions

Notice that this example uses MediaWiki syntax but could work with other languages.

We’re keeping this as a use case example and left behind a minimal MediaWikiToMarkdown converter class in case you are feeling courageous.

  1. Let’s start with Wikitext of a MediaWiki page

    $xml = <<<SAMPLE
        <title>tutorials/what is css</title>
            <text xml:space=\"preserve\" bytes=\"2\">
            == 1. Subtitle ==
            |State=Ready to Use
            === 1.1. Sub-Subtitle ===
            * Foo
            * Bar
    // Leverage PHP native SimpleXMLElement modules
    $wikiPageXmlElement = new \SimpleXMLElement($xml);
  2. Create an object with the wikitext

     $wikiDocument = new WebPlatform\ContentConverter\Model\MediaWikiDocument($wikiPageXmlElement);
  3. Initialize Converter service

     $converter = new WebPlatform\ContentConverter\Converter\MediaWikiToMarkdown;
  4. Pick a revision and pass it to the converter

     $wikiRevision = $wikiDocument->getLatest();
     $markdownRevision = $converter->apply($wikiRevision);
  5. Look how the file changed


See also


In MediaWiki source code

  • File mediawiki/includes/parser/Preprocessor.php the PPFrame (Interface)
  • File mediawiki/extensions/LabeledSectionTransclusion/LabeledSectionTransclusion.class.php class
  • Notes in file mediawiki/docs/contenthandler.txt and mediawiki/includes/content/ContentHandler.php see ContentHandler abstract class
  • Notes in file mediawiki/docs/globals.txt
  • Content handling classes: WikitextContent, WikitextContentHandler, TextContentHandler
  • File mediawiki/includes/parser/Parser.php, at parse()
  • File mediawiki/includes/parser/ParserOutput.php
  • File mediawiki/includes/content/AbstractContent.php at AbstractContent::getParserOutput()
  • File mediawiki/extensions/Flow/includes/TemplateHelper.php (new, but need to look if its useful or another implementation)