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Simple Handlebars plugin for RequireJS.

  • Requires the official text! plugin.
  • Like the offical text! plugin, include the file extension in the module id.
  • For (optimized) builds using r.js, make sure to
    • Install Handlebars from npm (not Bower or website).
    • Include the runtime version of Handlebars.
  • Supports preprocessing of templates before they are precompiled.

Example usage

define(['hb!myTemplate.tpl'], function(myTemplate) {

    var html = myTemplate({name:'John Doe'});



This plugin has no automatic partial registration (by design).

define(['hb!myTemplate.tpl', 'hb!myPartial.tpl'], function(myTemplate, myPartial) {

    var html = myTemplate({name:'John Doe'}, {
        partials: {
            myPartial: myPartial


Example config

Handlebars includes AMD builds since v1.1.0. Use a package config:

	paths: {
		text: 'lib/text/text',
		hb: 'lib/requirejs-handlebars/hb',
		'handlebars.runtime': 'node_modules/handlebars/handlebars.runtime.amd'
	packages: [
			name: 'handlebars',
			location: 'node_modules/handlebars/dist/amd',
			main: './handlebars'

Using a version of Handlebars lower than v1.1.0? Then use a configuration like this:

    paths: {
        text: 'lib/requirejs-text/text',
        handlebars: 'node_modules/handlebars/dist/handlebars',
        hb: 'lib/requirejs-handlebars/hb'
    shim: {
        handlebars: {
            exports: 'Handlebars'

Handlebars runtime

The Handlebars runtime is much smaller than the full version, and it's made to render pre-compiled templates. It's highly efficient to use pre-compiled templates and the runtime template engine in production.

Pre-compiled templates use handlebars.runtime as a dependency.

Still using a version of Handlebars lower than v1.1.0? Then override the path for handlebars, e.g.:

    paths: {
        handlebars: 'node_modules/handlebars/dist/handlebars.runtime'


The plugin allows to process the data before it gets precompiled by utilizing the preProcess configuration option:

	config: {
		hb: {
			preProcess: function(done, options, data) {

It's like a two-phase pre-compilation that includes your custom rendering, and then let Handlebars precompile the resulting template. This is very useful for including e.g. translated data (i18n) in your precompiled templates.

The benefit lies in the performance win: no template helper needed at runtime in the optimized build, since the processed (translated) text is already there. This way, the overhead of including the dictionary file and the template helper calls is removed.

See requirejs-handlebars-i18n-example for an example.