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Building Responsive Web Applications
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Responsive & Hybrid Web Apps Demo


This repo contains techniques and concepts to build responsive & hybrid web applications.

  • Declarative and conditional module injection
    • using data-* attributes,
    • a basic "advisor" and "composer" layer, and
    • wire.js to load and instantiate modules.
  • Various basic application modules (built using vanilla JS, Backbone, Maria, and Flight).
  • Manifest files
    • to build for PhoneGap (or point your PhoneGap Build app directly to this repo), and
    • to run directly on Firefox OS (or point the Firefox OS Simulator directly to this repo).
  • Build script (using Grunt and r.js) to optimize the modules (run grunt build).

It is also served as a running demo. For a more in-depth introduction and overview, read Building a Responsive Web Application.

Run & build

Clone this repo, and you can:

# run
bower install

# build
npm install
grunt build
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