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* Define a repr() for templates to ease debugging

When debugging, templates appear as `<web.template.Template instance at 0x4036ab8>` which does not aid the developer.

This PR proposes `Template(text="Template text", filename="burndown_chart.html")` instead.

* <Template burndown_chart.html>

* <Template burndown_chart.html>

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Failed to load latest commit information. is a web framework for Python that is as simple as it is powerful.

Visit for more information.

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The latest stable release 0.61 only supports Python >= 3.5. To install it, please run:

# For Python 3
python3 -m pip install

If you are still using Python 2.7, then please use version 0.51 which is intended to be our last release that supports Python 2.

# For Python 2.7
python2 -m pip install

You can also download it from GitHub Releases page, then install it manually:

cd webpy-0.61/
python3 install

Note: 0.5x (e.g. 0.50, 0.51) are our last releases which support Python 2.

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