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deploying with nginx and mod_wsgi

deploying with nginx and mod_wsgi

It is possible to deploy with nginx using a mod_wsgi similar to the module for Apache.

After compiling and installing nginx with mod_wsgi, you can easily get a app up and running with the following config* (edit the paths and settings with your own):

wsgi_python_executable  /usr/bin/python;

server {
    listen 80;
    root /path/to/your/webpy;

    include /etc/nginx/wsgi_vars;
    location / {
        wsgi_pass /path/to/your/webpy/;     

*Note: This is a snippet of the relevant information to setup mod_wsgi for your web app and NOT a full config for running nginx.

Helpful links:
nginx website
wiki page on mod_wsgi

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