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web.redirect and web.seeother

web.redirect and web.seeother

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web.redirect and web.seeother


After processing user input (from a form, let's say), you want to redirect them to another page.


class SomePage:
    def POST(self):
        # Do some application logic here, and then:
        raise web.seeother('/someotherpage')

When a post is sent to this function, on completion it will send the browser an http code 303, and the new location. The browser will then perform a GET on the location defined in the seeother argument.

Note: web.seeother and web.redirect are made exceptions in 0.3.


It's unlikely that you want to use the web.redirect function very often -- it appears to do the same thing, but it sends the http code 301, which is a permanent redirect. Most web browsers will cache the new redirection, and will send you to that location automatically when you try to perform the action again. A good use case for redirect is when you're changing the URL structure of your site, but want the old links to work due to bookmarking.

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