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Sending mail

Sending mail


How to send mails from


web.sendmail function can be used to send mail from

web.sendmail('', '', 'subject', 'message')

If any mail server is specified in web.config it uses that to send the mail or it uses the traditional sendmail from /usr/lib/sendmail.

web.config.smtp_server = ''

To send a mail to multiple recipients, a list can be passed for to_address.

web.sendmail('', ['', ''], 'subject', 'message')

Optinal cc and bcc keyword arguments can be passed to web.sendmail to add Cc and Bcc recipients. Values of cc and bcc can be list as well.

web.sendmail('', '', 'subject', 'message', cc='', bcc='')

Addition headers can be passed to web.sendmail via headers tuple.

web.sendmail('', '', 'subject', 'message',
        cc='', bcc='',
        headers=({'User-Agent': 'webpy.sendmail', 'X-Mailer': 'webpy.sendmail',})
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