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user authentication

user authentication

#I'm still working on this page, please no body else edit

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##Problem You want a system to authenticate users.

##Solution A user authentication system is made up of a few parts. Adding users, logging users in, logging users out and checking if users are logged in. It also requires a database. For this example we'll be using MD5 and SQLite.

import hashlib
import web    

def POST(self):
    i = web.input()

    authdb = sqlite3.connect('users.db')
    pwdhash = hashlib.md5(i.password).hexdigest()
    check = authdb.execute('select * from users where username=? and password=?', (i.username, pwdhash))
    if check: 
        session.loggedin = True
        session.username = i.username
        raise web.seeother('/results')   
    else: return render.base("Those login details don't work.")   

##Notes Do not use this code on real site - this is only for illustration.