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  • Install. Install, configure LightTPD, Apache, Nginx ...(CGI, FastCgi, ...)


Example Code

  • Cookbook. How to perform basic and common tasks.
  • Code samples. Example code of how to write some basic applications.

Component Documentation

  • Applications. How to map urls to python code paths.
    • Basic app. Map regexes to classes.
    • Auto app. Have webpy keep track of the urls based on class name.
    • Subdir app. Host multiple apps based on the sub-directory.
    • Subdomain app. Host multiple apps based on the subdomain.
  • Templates. Templetor, the templating system
  • Forms. Dealing with user input
  • Application processors. Run code before each request.
  • Sessions. Store persistent data per user across requests.
  • Database
  • Testing

Upgrade to Current Version

API Documentation

Recommended Setup

  • setup. Recommended software for production servers.
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