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@@ -129,10 +129,6 @@ The [bivalidator]( checks your HTML and CSS validation.
-[I Write Like] [iwl] analyzes which famous writer you write like. Serves about a million page views daily from a single 512 MB VPS instance.
- [iwl]:
"[ inspired the] web framework we use at FriendFeed [and] the webapp framework that ships with App Engine..."
- [Brett Taylor](, co-founder of FriendFeed and original tech lead on Google App Engine
@@ -174,7 +170,7 @@ The [bivalidator]( checks your HTML and CSS validation.
"a very fascinating moment for me. The feelings just like the first time I wrote my php script as [relogio de ponto]( ... it sure have let me learn python in the fun way. Good work aaron !"
-- Kamal [simple blog in webpy [health insurance help] (, learning python the fun way][33]
+- Kamal [simple blog in webpy, learning python the fun way][33]
@@ -236,7 +232,18 @@ The [bivalidator]( checks your HTML and CSS validation.
* [related projects](/related)
* [Criar site](
-* [Übersetzung Französisch Deutsch](
+* [related projects](/related)
+* [Empréstimo consignado](
+* [related projects](/related)
+* [Decoração de festa](
+* [related projects](/related)
+* [Decoração de interiores](
+* [related projects](/related)
+* [Consulta cpf](
* [tricks](/tricks)
* [Hospedagem](
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