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@@ -15,9 +15,9 @@ title: ČKD
print homepage()
-99. **Why are the urls just one long list?**
+99. **Proč jsou adresy URL pouze jeden dlouhý seznam?**
- If they were a dictionary, they wouldn't be ordered. If it was a list of tuples, then it'd be a lot more typing.
+ Pokud by byly ve slovníku, nebylo by je možné řadit. Pokud by byly v seznamu n-tic (tuple), bylo by s nima mnohem více psaní.
99. **How do I serve static files such as JavaScripts or images like PNG and JPG with the server?**
@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ title: ČKD
If you're trying to access the database from a non-web-serving thread (e.g. you created a new thread or you never started serving web pages) then you need to run `web.load()`. Sorry, this will be fixed in 0.3.
-99. **Can I iterate over an IterBetter multiple times?**
+99. **Mohu vícekrát iterovat IterBetter?**
- No. Do `ib = list(ib)` first to turn it from an IterBetter into a list.
+ Ne. Nejdřív převeď IterBetter na seznam pomocí `ib = list(ib)`.
99. **Jak vytisknu debug do konsole?**

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