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@@ -5,21 +5,27 @@ title: Recommended Setup
# Recommended Setup recommends the following software: recommends the following software for production servers:
##Web Server:
-* [lighttpd]( [BSD] [(doc)](
+Webpy has an internal web server, but it should be used for development only.
+For deployment, a more robust server should be used, such as one of these:
+* [lighttpd]( [BSD] [(doc)]( through [flup's fastcgi]( [BSD] (`easy_install flup`)
+* [Apache]( [Apache] through [(mod_wsgi)]( [Apache]
* [postgresql]( [BSD] [(doc)]( with [psycopg2]( [BSD] [(doc)]( as the python client. (`easy_install psycopg2`)
-* [mysql]( [GPL] [(doc)]( with [MySQLdb]( [CNRI] [(doc)]( as the python client (`easy_install MySQL-python`)
+* [mysql]( [GPL] [(doc)]( with [MySQLdb]( [CNRI] [(doc)]( as the python client (`easy_install MySQL-python`)
* [flup]( [BSD] (`easy_install flup`)
##Connection Pooling:
-* [DBUtil](<a href="" title="Grossiste, Décoration asiatique, Thailande, Import Export" alt="Grossiste, Décoration asiatique, Import Export, Thailande">s</a> [CNRI] [(doc)]( (`easy_install DBUtils`)
+* [DBUtils]( [CNRI] [(doc)]( (`easy_install DBUtils`)
* [built-in] [(doc)](/docs/0.3/templetor)

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