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adding deployment info with apache

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commit 4a2e3eaec57e9809a1ad82d4d225c7b576207407 1 parent 94d44ea
@btipling btipling authored anandology committed
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@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ Cookbook style documentation for 0.3. Note that some of these features ar
* [Fastcgi deployment through lighttpd](/cookbook/fastcgi-lighttpd)
-* Fastcgi deployment through Apache (requested)
+* [cookbook/fastcgi-apacheFastcgi deployment through Apache](/cookbook/fastcgi-apacheFastcgi deployment through Apache)
* [CGI deployment through Apache](/cookbook/cgi-apache)
* mod_python deployment through Apache (requested)
* [mod_wsgi deployment through Apache](/cookbook/mod_wsgi-apache )

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