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@@ -70,11 +70,13 @@ Upgrading from an older version? Be sure to [read the upgrade guide][17].
"the first framework ... where I could just scribble code and see something working without even having to try to understand the logic of it. A pleasure to integrate."
-- [Delaunay Antoine][27], built [a photo gallery][28] ([source][29]) with it
+- [Delaunay Antoine][27], built [a photo gallery][28] ([source][29]) and [an agenda][34] ([source][35]) with it
- [29]:
+ [29]:;path=/webpy/ibrouteur/;style=gitweb
+ [34]:
+ [35]:;path=/webpy/glocal/;style=gitweb
"Guido [van Rossum, creator of Python], you'll probably find that best suits your style. ... If you don't like it, I can't imagine which of the other dozens of frameworks out there you *would* like."
- Phillip J. Eby, creator of the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) [#][30]

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