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"very nicely written and concise (not to mention it's written by Aaron Swartz, whose coding skills are very trustable), and doesn't get in my way"
- Jonas Galvez, Aupeo [#][26]
- [26]:
+ [26]:
"the first framework ... where I could just scribble code and see something working without even having to try to understand the logic of it. A pleasure to integrate."
- Delaunay Antoine built [a photo gallery][28] and [an agenda][34] with it
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"Guido [van Rossum, creator of Python], you'll probably find that best suits your style. ... If you don't like it, I can't imagine which of the other dozens of frameworks out there you *would* like."
- Phillip J. Eby, creator of the Python Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) [#][30]
- [30]:
+ [30]:
"... the [Cheetah] example I saw on looks "right". ( itself OTOH gets an "F", for undocumented code with too much magic behavior. upvars(), bah.)"
- Guido van Rossum, creator of Python [#][31]
- [31]:
+ [31]:
"suffice to say I think Aaron is headed in the right direction."
- Harry Fuecks: [a simple wiki with][32]
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* [tricks](/tricks)
+* [best essays](
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