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"""Helpers functions to run log-running tasks."""
from web import utils
from web import webapi as web
def background(func):
"""A function decorator to run a long-running function as a background thread."""
def internal(*a, **kw): # cache it
tmpctx = web._context[threading.currentThread()]
web._context[threading.currentThread()] =
def newfunc():
web._context[threading.currentThread()] = tmpctx
func(*a, **kw)
myctx = web._context[threading.currentThread()]
for k in myctx.keys():
if k not in ['status', 'headers', 'output']:
try: del myctx[k]
except KeyError: pass
t = threading.Thread(target=newfunc)
background.threaddb[id(t)] = t
web.ctx.headers = []
return seeother(changequery(_t=id(t)))
return internal
background.threaddb = {}
def backgrounder(func):
def internal(*a, **kw):
i = web.input(_method='get')
if '_t' in i:
t = background.threaddb[int(i._t)]
except KeyError:
return web.notfound()
web._context[threading.currentThread()] = web._context[t]
return func(*a, **kw)
return internal