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WSGI Utilities
import os, sys
from . import http
from . import webapi as web
from .utils import listget, intget
from .net import validaddr, validip
from . import httpserver
def runfcgi(func, addr=('localhost', 8000)):
"""Runs a WSGI function as a FastCGI server."""
import flup.server.fcgi as flups
return flups.WSGIServer(func, multiplexed=True, bindAddress=addr, debug=False).run()
def runscgi(func, addr=('localhost', 4000)):
"""Runs a WSGI function as an SCGI server."""
import flup.server.scgi as flups
return flups.WSGIServer(func, bindAddress=addr, debug=False).run()
def runwsgi(func):
Runs a WSGI-compatible `func` using FCGI, SCGI, or a simple web server,
as appropriate based on context and `sys.argv`.
if 'SERVER_SOFTWARE' in os.environ: # cgi
os.environ['FCGI_FORCE_CGI'] = 'Y'
if ('PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN' in os.environ #lighttpd fastcgi
or 'SERVER_SOFTWARE') in os.environ:
return runfcgi(func, None)
if 'fcgi' in sys.argv or 'fastcgi' in sys.argv:
args = sys.argv[1:]
if 'fastcgi' in args: args.remove('fastcgi')
elif 'fcgi' in args: args.remove('fcgi')
if args:
return runfcgi(func, validaddr(args[0]))
return runfcgi(func, None)
if 'scgi' in sys.argv:
args = sys.argv[1:]
if args:
return runscgi(func, validaddr(args[0]))
return runscgi(func)
server_addr = validip(listget(sys.argv, 1, ''))
if 'PORT' in os.environ: # e.g. Heroku
server_addr = ('', intget(os.environ['PORT']))
return httpserver.runsimple(func, server_addr)
def _is_dev_mode():
# Some embedded python interpreters won't have sys.arv
# For details, see
argv = getattr(sys, "argv", [])
# quick hack to check if the program is running in dev mode.
if 'SERVER_SOFTWARE' in os.environ \
or 'PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN' in os.environ \
or 'fcgi' in argv or 'fastcgi' in argv \
or 'mod_wsgi' in argv:
return False
return True
# When running the builtin-server, enable debug mode if not already set.
web.config.setdefault('debug', _is_dev_mode())