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"""Migration script to run 0.23 programs using 0.3.
Import this module at the beginning of your program.
import web
import sys
def setup_database():
if web.config.get('db_parameters'):
db = web.database(**web.config.db_parameters)
web.insert = db.insert =
web.update = db.update
web.delete = db.delete
web.query = db.query
def transact():
t = db.transaction()
web.ctx.setdefault('transaction_stack', []).append(t)
def rollback():
stack = web.ctx.get('transaction_stack')
t = stack and stack.pop()
t and t.rollback()
def commit():
stack = web.ctx.get('transaction_stack')
t = stack and stack.pop()
t and t.commit()
web.transact = transact
web.rollback = rollback
web.commit = commit
web.loadhooks = web.webapi.loadhooks = {}
web._loadhooks = web.webapi._loadhooks = {}
web.unloadhooks = web.webapi.unloadhooks = {}
def load():
web.load = load
def run(urls, fvars, *middleware):
def stdout_processor(handler):
return web.ctx.get('output', '')
def hook_processor(handler):
for h in web.loadhooks.values() + web._loadhooks.values(): h()
output = handler()
for h in web.unloadhooks.values(): h()
return output
app = web.application(urls, fvars)
class _outputter:
"""Wraps `sys.stdout` so that print statements go into the response."""
def __init__(self, file): self.file = file
def write(self, string_):
if hasattr(web.ctx, 'output'):
return output(string_)
def __getattr__(self, attr): return getattr(self.file, attr)
def __getitem__(self, item): return self.file[item]
def output(string_):
"""Appends `string_` to the response."""
string_ = web.utf8(string_)
if web.ctx.get('flush'):
web.ctx.output += str(string_)
def _capturedstdout():
sysstd = sys.stdout
while hasattr(sysstd, 'file'):
if isinstance(sys.stdout, _outputter): return True
sysstd = sysstd.file
if isinstance(sys.stdout, _outputter): return True
return False
if not _capturedstdout():
sys.stdout = _outputter(sys.stdout) = run
class Stowage(
def __str__(self):
return self._str
web.template.Stowage = web.template.stowage = Stowage
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