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Outputs docs as html
version 2.0: documents all code, and indents nicely.
By Colin Rothwell (TheBoff)
import sys
import inspect
import markdown
sys.path.insert(0, '..')
item_start = '<code class="%s">'
item_end = '</code>'
indent_amount = 30
doc_these = ( #These are the types of object that should be docced
not_these_names = ( #Any particular object names that shouldn't be doced
'storage', #These stop the lower case versions getting docced
'd', #Don't know what this is, but only only conclude it shouldn't be doc'd
css = '''
<style type="text/css">
.module {
font-size: 130%;
font-weight: bold;
.function, .class, .type {
font-size: 120%;
font-weight: bold;
.method, .property {
font-size: 115%;
font-weight: bold;
.ts {
font-size: small;
font-weight: lighter;
color: grey;
#contents_link {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
right: 0;
padding: 5px;
background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);
#contents_link a:hover {
font-weight: bold;
indent_start = '<div style="margin-left:%dpx">'
indent_end = '</div>'
header = '''
<div id="contents_link">
<a href="#top">Back to contents</a>
def type_string(ob):
return str(type(ob)).split("'")[1]
def ts_css(text):
"""applies nice css to the type string"""
return '<span class="ts">%s</span>' % text
def arg_string(func):
"""Returns a nice argstring for a function or method"""
return inspect.formatargspec(*inspect.getargspec(func))
def recurse_over(ob, name, indent_level=0):
ts = type_string(ob)
if not ts in doc_these: return #stos what shouldn't be docced getting docced
if indent_level > 0 and ts == 'module': return #Stops it getting into the stdlib
if name in not_these_names: return #Stops things we don't want getting docced
indent = indent_level * indent_amount #Indents nicely
ds_indent = indent + (indent_amount / 2)
if indent_level > 0: print indent_start % indent
argstr = ''
if ts.endswith(('function', 'method')):
argstr = arg_string(ob)
elif ts == 'classobj' or ts == 'type':
if ts == 'classobj': ts = 'class'
if hasattr(ob, '__init__'):
if type_string(ob.__init__) == 'instancemethod':
argstr = arg_string(ob.__init__)
argstr = '(self)'
if ts == 'instancemethod': ts = 'method' #looks much nicer
ds = inspect.getdoc(ob)
if ds is None: ds = ''
ds = markdown.Markdown(ds)
mlink = '<a name="%s">' % name if ts == 'module' else ''
mend = '</a>' if ts == 'module' else ''
print ''.join(('<p>', ts_css(ts), item_start % ts, ' ', mlink, name, argstr,
mend, item_end, '<br />'))
print ''.join((indent_start % ds_indent, ds, indent_end, '</p>'))
#Although ''.join looks wierd, it's alot faster is string addition
members = ''
if hasattr(ob, '__all__'): members = ob.__all__
else: members = [item for item in dir(ob) if not item.startswith('_')]
if not 'im_class' in members:
for name in members:
recurse_over(getattr(ob, name), name, indent_level + 1)
if indent_level > 0: print indent_end
def main(modules=None):
modules = modules or ALL_MODULES
print '<div>' #Stops markdown vandalising my html.
print css
print header
print '<ul>'
for name in modules:
print '<li><a href="#%(name)s">%(name)s</a></li>' % dict(name=name)
print '</ul>'
for name in modules:
mod = __import__(name, {}, {}, 'x')
recurse_over(mod, name)
print '</div>'
if __name__ == '__main__':
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