Session Cookies paths are wrong #39

despens opened this Issue Jan 18, 2011 · 2 comments

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Session cookies are assuming that the app runs on a domain's or subdomain's root.
The cookie path should be set according to

@anandology anandology was assigned Apr 11, 2011

Can you submit a pull request?


Sorry I do not know what a pull request is :)
And I am not sure if my idea to a solution is good.
The problem is that webpy in some places makes the assumption to be running alone on a dedicated domain. I think there should be a simple way to configure a base path that is respected by cookies and redirects.
It could even out running a project with different servers and different interfacing methods (lighttp, apache, cgi, wsgi, ... whatever I tried I had to fool around to make it work on sub-paths of a domain).

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