Added support for 'fdb' Firebird driver, fixed a sequence-related insert issue #206

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Added a line to try and import the new 'fdb' driver first, if it's not found then fall back to 'kinterbasdb'.

Discovered in the db.insert there was an issue with the current fdb driver (0.9.9). Calling fetchone() after the insert produces a segmentation fault. Possibly because by default there's nothing for Firebird to return. Added a select query that will return a single column with a NULL value to prevent this from occurring.

Also found there was no logic for returning sequence values when doing an insert with FirebirdDB. Added the appropriate _process_insert_query to handle this. In order for Firebird to return a sequence value the sequence name must be provided. There's no definitive way to know what a table's sequence is in Firebird because auto incrementing fields are implemented using generators and triggers.

Ben Hanna Added support for the new Firebird driver (fdb) but will fall back to…
… kinterbasdb if it's not present. Added code to properly return a sequence value from an insert, also added a NULL query to prevent a segmentation fault with fdb 0.9.9
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