allow the optional use of a path-to-class dict instead of regex-matching all paths, workaround Issue #214 and general perf improvement #215

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If you have a constant (no regex matching necessary) set of paths to map, you can now add use_path_dict=True to your:
app = web.application(urls, globals(), use_path_dict=True)
call to use a dict of something like:
{'web.ctx.path-1': class_to_handle_path-1}

rather than avoiding the regex matching against all paths for every call.

While this will have a tiny perf boost, its main benefit is avoiding the non-thread-safe memoization of re_compile discussed in Issue #214

This should be completely transparent and backwards compatible for any users requiring regex matching of paths...


This is not related to re.compile issue at all. The re.compile issue needs to be fixed, but I don't think this work-around for handling just a rare special case is worth it.


@anandology Some followup questions / comments:

1) IMHO, this is directly related to the re.compile issue - it does not FIX that issue, but provides a workaround for the most highly-threaded use of re.compile that is currently causing us to throw ~200 500 Errors an hour in production.

2) Can you qualify "rare special case"? I would think this functionality would be highly desirable for any site that uses params rather than paths, and so would never ever need the cost of regex matching a potentially long list of paths (memoization or not) - if you ever look at a CProfile of calls for a site with many paths, it gets pretty crazy as all those regexes are tested... Is there data that suggests that almost every site using actually uses/needs the regex matching?

3) Can you qualify "worth it"? IMHO, the cost of this patch is zero to anybody not interested in using it... (and in total involves <15 LOC changes)

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