temporary fork of haxe 2.06 to add better js compiler support see README
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This is a fork of haXe 2.06 http://haxe.googlecode.com/ -

This changes the javascript compiler to add a --js-package-depth X compiler option, where X is an int from 0...?

The int modifies the behaviour of the compiler to output packages to the specified depth, so:
* 0 will put everything in a single file
* 1 will put default package in default.js, and create a single file for each level 1 package (haxe.js, js.js and so forth)
* 2 will create packages with a depth of 2 ( default.js haxe.js haxe.io.js foo.js foo.bar.js)
* and so forth..

*   it makes the ';' semi-colon un-required
*   it allows reserved words to be used for method names public function import() etc
*   it allows short (a,b) -> return a*b syntax


   square = (x,y) -> return x*y
   closureMethod( 1,2, (e)->e+=3 )
   // etc

1. install haxe 2.06 from http://haxe.org
2. pull this repo down
3. ocaml install.ml
4. wait...
5. drop the bin/haxe file over the bin/haxe file from the haxe installation

This works, doesn't break anything, is still undergoing development but only "stable" versions will be pushed to this repo, eventually will either push changes in to the main haxe distro, or svn fork it and keep this up to date, for now though - who knows.