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This is the wiki where all our check lists and things reside. Add stuff you know is important to remember for any of the milestones in the timeline (or any other place).

About the conference


  • Sponsors info
  • [Tier 3 agreement](Info sheet for Tier 3 sponsors)

Ticket sales

Organizing timeline

This is a basic outline on what activities we have during the year:

  • September: Site launch
  • September: Topic brainstorm
  • January: Web site launch
  • February: Speaker announcements
  • February/March:
  • [Ticket sales](Ticket sales)
  • [Open Mic CFP](Open Mic CFP)
  • May:
  • [Open Mic - checklist](Open Mic - checklist)
  • Preparation-day
  • Conference day 1
  • Conference day 2
  • [Publishing videos](Publishing videos)
  • Send survey to attendees (following week)
  • June
  • Sponsor stats & thank you
  • July:
  • Wrap up and retrospective
  • Create Infographics
  • August/September: Startup next years conference
  • December: Send economics to accounting
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