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Webrecorder Auto Archiver for Scalar Prototype

This repo represents the experimental prototype for automatically archiving and preserving Scalar website and all external links.

The system combines three key concepts:

  • automated server software preservation (via a Docker image)
  • automated high-fidelity browser based web archiving
  • browser preservation (via Docker image, based on the system)

A demo of this prototype is available at:

Please note that this is still a prototype and may not work for all Scalar sites. In particular, custom script and custom style properties are not yet been exported. imported

An overview of how the system works is available in these slides


  1. First build the instance Docker images via: docker-compose -f ./docker-compose-instance.yml build

  2. Start the standard Docker compose with docker-compose build; docker-compose up -d

Note: The prototype does not yet clean up all the containers created, eg. if a user doesn't click "Stop". To clean up containers and volumes, run ./ This will stop all running Scalar instance containers.

The default setup does not require a password for creating new archives. To setup a password, set the AUTH_CODE env var in docker-compose.yml